Wednesday, 15 August 2012

the 3 pants & a girl

I have yet to buy baju kurung for Hari Raya coming in for few days. I suppose to think of this 1st, but instead I have bought for myself few pants & a pair of shoe.

I adore a pant from ZARA so much. The pattern is nice looking, the fabric is also nice & the price is affordable.

*To me. Those that earn 6 to 7 figures income, maybe ZARA is not in your list*

So, I set a 2012 Hari Raya “resolution” for myself, that I must get the pant by Hari Raya. At the same time, ZARA also have a range of Men pants that is also nice looking & good in quality. But, Asan rejects them saying that, that pattern is only suitable to younger age. I told him (joking) “hello…Aznil Haji Nawawi pun pakai ok. Inikan kau!!”. So I promised him, if he agreed to wear the pant that I want him to wear, I’ll pay for that pant. Well…words…once spoken cannot be taken back. And, this will be the last time I ever offer him like that.

We off to One Utama shopping mall last weekend to buy the Zara pant. I’m so excited to meet my new pant & I just hope, the pant that I want still available in size.

1st we go for Asan pant----> done. It’s my turn now.

I wander around in the ZARA, only to search for my desired pant and almost faint because I cannot find it. Asan keeps reminding me to hurry, otherwise we will late for Berbuka Puasa, but, I just ignore him & keep searching. Anddddddddd…guess what, I found the pant. I grab my size & quickly walk to the fitting room. To my disappointment, it’s a bit tight. I don’t realize when I gained weight. I just check at IKEA few weeks back, my weight has back to the weight before I get pregnant. To calm myself & to still believe I’m not putting weight, I just think, the size for ZARA is smaller than the normal brand. Whatever!

I don’t wait too long, I walk out from the fitting room, walk back to the pant section & grab 1 size bigger & 2 size bigger (in case I cannot fit in 1 size bigger), walk quickly back to the fitting room & yeahhhhhh (nodding my head)…………i can fit in it, so nice looking.

We were so happy with our ZARA purchase. We just don’t understand why Hari Raya is not tomorrow.

Until we passed by to 1 shop, then I saw that shop selling pant that have almost the same pattern but with very very very very low price. Even 2 pants still cheaper than the 1 pant I just bought from ZARA. But……I never regret with my ZARA. Instead, I’m so thankful, I didn’t pass this shop before ZARA, otherwise, I might buy from this shop & never buy from ZARA. The pattern is almost the same, except the fabric is a bit hard, but still ok. Since I have this pattern, I bought another 2 pants that have different pattern with ZARA pant.

So now I have 3 new pants, which makes Asan talk to me like this “I don’t understand why you must buy until 3 pants. Are you going to wear them altogether in 1 time”……yeah ….funny from a husband!!!

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