Tuesday, 14 August 2012


My friend told me about a kindergarten somewhere in this very peaceful country, hired a maid from a neighbour country, that she is very terrible, the way she treats the kids there close to torturing.

It really disturbing. All this while, hearing this kind of story, will make me sad. And sometimes I do leave a comment or two, showing my opinion that I don’t agree with this kind of people who like to torture kids. Kids…..c’mon. Kids. If they really naughty, do we still have the rights to torture them?

Punish them for their mistake to teach them, I still can accept, even though not 100%. But, torturing them as one pleases or venting the anger ----> stupid!

Somehow, I believe what my friend told me, because she/he also sent her/his kid there. But, her/his kid is taken care by a local worker. That local worker always chatting with my friend & told her/him almost everything this foreign worker did to the kids under this foreign worker custody. The local has make complaints to the owner, but the owner does nothing.

According to my friend, the owner never come & visits the kindergarten, only come to collect payment. This is what she/he ever saw with her/his 2 eyes, what the foreign did:

1) Beat kid with the broom

2) Feeding the kid with full spoon & fast. The kid hasn’t fully eaten all, the foreign feed the kid again. The foreign is so harsh, make the kid’s head a bit swing to the back. (just bayangkan macam mana korang tunjal kepala orang….macam tu lah). The kid looks like so difficult to chew the foods & to breathe at the same time with full mouth. And the food the foreign give them is only rice and soy sauce (kicap). Do you pay the kindergarten so that your kid will have only rice + soy sauce? You pay them very cheap is it?

But still, the foreign still don’t have the right to treat the kid like that.

3) The foreign slaps the kid

4) The foreign pull the kid hair

5) The foreign will use the pipe hose to shower the kid, by pointing the pipe hose straight to the kid face. So you just imagine how the kid is surviving to get some air.

I publish at my facebook about this case. My reason of doing that, not to make-up a false story or a rumours or even just to get a free or cheap attention. So…don’t charge me for wrong information or solicitation or anything. This is just a reminder.

I publish that, to alert everyone who sent their kids to kindergarten/baby-sitter or anywhere else, to make a spot-check. My friend might lie to me, so, I’ll lie too. So, you just go & check then you can know whether I lie or not. If I don’t brought up this issue, it doesn't mean you can ignore this message.

But, it doesn’t matter I lie or he lies or she lies. What if, that story really happen, that story is true? You will just ignore it? You’ll say “that’s normal, any kindergarten you go is the same”.

Or you’ll say “it’s ok. Don’t be so prejudice, not all kindergarten that bad. Others are ok”.

What is this world today? Abuse kid is normal? 1 kindergarten is bad, and then we move to other kindergarten? Or the kid are somebody kid, not our kid, ignore la, don’t be so busy-body? Is that what we want?

Just because I cannot provide a single valid evidence, it doesn’t mean you can ignore me. There’s no harm checking your kid at kindergarten.

Last update from my friend, the kindergarten is not registered under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM). They are illegal. Dunia dunia.

So, again…this is just a reminder. A reminder that also address to me.

Please……I beg you parents. Go & check them.

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