Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Adelea is here

Finally, we decided to take Adelea stay with us after Aidilfitri. It’s a sad moment to my parents, definitely, but…we still will take Adelea with us, sooner or later. When I saw my mother crying, I swear to myself “that will be the last time I made her cry…last time”. Don’t ask me the exact number of the last time.

She gets demam rindu (flu) after that. *sigh*

1st day with Adelea, everything looks fine & goes fine. 2nd day the same. 3rd 4th…… this is easy I thought! Until……

On Wednesday morning, after she takes her milk, she vomited. Panic attack! Panic like “what am I supposed to do? What should I do after I hold her? Tap her back? Should I put her back? Should I hold her longer?”

Everything looks wrong & goes wrong. But, still we have to send her to the nursery. I informed the babysitter on Adelea’s condition, add up some flavour inside my story to make it really bad so that the babysitter will kesian her a lot. She seems to understand, that’s make me relieved. But still I keep my pray “Dear Allah, please take care of my daughter. Make sure tak meragam, karang babysitter marah pulak karang. Karang kalau dia dah marah….eiiiii ngeri. Amin”.

On Thursday, she no longer vomiting. But…I receive a call from the babysitter while I’m busy preparing my reporting journal. I’m so panic, I know there’s must be something wrong. The babysitter won’t call parents just to gossiping.

Adelea got diarrhoea. Her pampers is running out of stock. The babysitter wants me to send some pampers & clothes. Ok….the babysitter is more concern on Adelea have no pampers & clothes to wear rather than suggest me to take Adelea immediately and send her to doctor. What’s that imply? Adelea still ok? Her diarrhoea is not bad? Still no need see doctors?

I have no car. That’s make me double the panic. Only that time I think it’s better if we have 2 cars. It’s better if Adelea still stay with my parents. It’s better if I resign from my work & become a housewife. All that better possibilities comes together that makes me more panic. Blame husband blame husband, says the setan. This is peak period, afraid no one is available in the office to send me home.

Thanks Allah for having ‘miss S’ as my colleague. I approach her, ask if she busy or not & ask her if she can send me home & tell her everything plus some flavour (of course) about my daughter’s condition. She’s helped to send me home, thank you so much.

Husband, we should start check for 2nd car.

Thursday night, I got food poisoning. Wake up at about 3 am in the morning, vomit for 3 times, then got headache the whole Friday. Masya-Allah. Only He knows my feeling that time.

Today, I’m ok already. Alhamdulillah.

***ni ujian baru sikit, bersabarlah***