Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We went to our neighbor open house last weekend. Our trip to their house is the 2nd time we meet them, the 1st time we met is when they come to our house to invite us to their house. On the 1st time, we don’t talk so much, except we ask for bila pindah, kerja mana, that’s all.

Then tomorrow, we went to their house. The food is really awesome. So pedas (spicy) so sedap. It’s been a long time since I eat that kind of pedas food. The taste of the foods is like they are cooked by someone from Nogori (Negeri Semebilan). How I wish I can have them everyday, ervery meal.

~Stop dreaming~

After our tummy is satisfied with the amount of food loaded in, we decided we should take a move. 1st we met the husband,

Us: balik dulu bang. Terima kasih. Selamat hari raya.
Abang: ok ok..terima kasih sebab datang.

The husbands shake hand.

We go & find the wife, who are very busy in & out from house checking on the food on the table,

Us: balik dulu kak, terima kasih sudi jemput kami. Selamat hari raya.
Kakak: ya ya..terima kasih sebab datang.
Me: kak, mana anak akak? ada sesuatu untuk diorang. (Kak, where is your children? I have something for them) me trying to make the situation full of jokes & fun.
Kakak: saya takde anak lagi. Tak payah bagi apa-apa.


Us: sorry kak, tak tau. Sorry sangat.
Kakak: takpe takpe, small matter.

Then we walk out of the house. On the way back, I look at Asan, Asan looks at me. Simultaneously, we say, “malu!!!!!”

Padan muka…tak sensitive.

We should check 1st…..

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