Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Practice on high heels

I am high heels lover, but not really wear them very frequent. Especially in the office, whereby I need to move a lot-on certain days & times - high heels limit my movement. But someday, I’ll make it a habit – wearing high heels to office. Definitely!

Despite the negative effects & foot problem that may caused by high heels, it never stop me from wearing them as often as possible.  Beautiful is painful.

Last weekend, we went to KLCC for *what we called* family outing. This time, I decided, I will wear my high heels, matching with a cream pants.

i am more than ready
So you know how expensive is the parking at KLCC, as usual we park at the outside car park. The pathway from the outside car park to KLCC is well maintained, so I really have nothing to worry off walking so far in high heels. This will be a great practice for me *I convinced myself*- no twisted leg, no everything.

But, as I was 100% confident the sun will shine till evening, the rain come in the afternoon. Along the way I keep on stepping on the soft ground. The gap between the mosaic *or whatever it name is* like below.

So, I keep on say “oopsss”, “ooppsss”…so embarrassing! Lucky I didn’t say something like “oh mak kau malatop!”. The best part is, half way to KLCC, I realize the plastic bag contains Adelea diapers & clothes were left behind in the car boot! We turn back anddddd……..on the way to the car, again iI step on the gap & it stuck inside!! !@#$%^^&**()!

I have to take out my shoe & pull it out from the gap! Someone look at me laughing. You want to know who’s that someone? Clue: a man, pushing a Quinny Zapp Extra Stroller in red!

After we get the plastic bag, we start back our journey. We stop for a while because someone wants to make a pit stop at the public toilet. Then we continue walking until we reach a stone stairs which, a stroller cannot go through. Someone suggests we take the shortcut, because it’s too far to turn back. The shortcut is grassy ground, and the ground is soft. Oh dear! I am not even reach KLCC, I get fed up in the high heels already. And that someone still laughs at me. After that, everything goes smoothly.

Cannot wait for the next practice. Driving with high heels sounds great. Husband, what say you?


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