Thursday, 20 September 2012

taste & allergies

Adelea is now 11 months old, and has been in solid foods since she was 6 months old. Since then, I have been introduce to her instant food – Cerelac Brown Rice – at  early stage, gradually to homemade puree mix of rice, chicken or fish and carrot or potato. When she’s about 9 months old, I introduce her to egg, cook together with rice porridge.

Alhamdulillah, so far, no sign of food allergy shown up. Some more, she rarely rejects the foods, eventhough the food I made for her is tasteless. Probably, she so used to tasteless food that is why she never rejects. Alah bisa tegal biasa.

She has history of eczema, that is why I am a bit picky when it comes to food that I should feed her. Although I am more than aware that, this is the critical stage to feed her with anything to identify which food is best for her & which food that she allergy to.

And….few days back, I feel so damn bored cook the same thing everyday, twice a day. So I thought, if I were so boring cooking, how about the person who eat that everyday, thrice a day? Will she feel the same?

I do so some research in the net to look out for recipes, but not much help. Then I seek help from my friends, 1 of them suggest me to this website.

The picture of the food attracts me, when I read more and more, the “how to cook” looks easy to prepare and no use of salt (too much of book influence hah? To be precise, so far I banned salt, santan, sauce and few other things which I forgot now. hahaha).

Initially, there are mouths questioning about what I have practice, and most of them are elderly. Perhaps they take so much salt when they were baby, which explain why they always think they are correct all the time. *harsh joking*. They said, it’s no different since I give “plastic” in my daughter milk.

No need to feel down, at least I only give plastic, and I don’t make the situation worse by giving her salt, santan, sauce or any other food which is forbidden at the early age of baby. Do not be surprised, I didn’t say this out loud, I said this to myself, to calm my heart.

For me, they have the right to say whatever they feel right, and I have the right to give the right food to my daughter. Full stop.

Theory tells - babies under 12 months only need a very small amount of salt; less than 1g per day.

So…. I don’t really follow books. Hehehehe.

The next day after I discover the website, I prepare the 1st recipe for Adelea. But, a little bit different with the original recipe. I have to prepare it, based on the available ingredients I have that time.

I prepare for Adelea – Carrots, broccoli & potato (original recipe is carrots, broccoli & cheese).

Don’t really follow the actual portion, agak-agak sajalah.

1st day trial, too much water has been wasted. 1st is boiling part, and then the steaming part. The next day, I steam all the ingredients together until it’s tender. Adelea is already 11 month with only 2 bottom teeth, so I prefer not to give her food either too soft or too hard. Agak-agak. I add few scopes of milk for the sake of taste.

1st feed, she seems to reject. Probably, because the taste is new. That never stops me to continue feeding her until she finishes all. After 3 consecutive days, Alhamdulillah, no allergy shown. I am more than happy.

After that, I become more dare to try new recipes or foods for Adelea, hoping the allergy will never come. Haha

I found another recipe. A very simple recipe. Just boil. It’s the sweet potato. Just boil, mashed it then can feed to baby already.

I try that, bought few sweet potatoes (that time I think that was sweet potato), boil it until it tender, when I peel it the fill is purple in colour. I never know sweet potato is born purple. I checked with Asan, he also has no idea about that.

I try 1 of them, it’s sweet & they (the purple sweet potatoes) convinced me that they are the real sweet potato. Not the sweet potato in disguise.

I take another 1, blend it & feed Adelea. Guess what happen?

Less than 12 hours, rashes come out all over her body. Not only that, that night she cannot sleep well, keep on crying & screaming. I thought she’s hungry because she not finishes her milk before she went off to sleep that night. She still cries after she finishes 5 ounce of her milk. Not later after that, she dozes off. I’m not really sure, that because of she already feel ok or she too tired crying & screaming.

The next day, Asan check out with his friend. Sweet potato cannot give to baby because of “angin”. OMG, pity Adelea. If it is true, probably she has bloated stomach. And that night, we never think of to spread the ointment on her stomach. Kasihan Adelea.

Parenting lesson #1: when baby crying without reason (if she rarely do that), maybe she have stomachache or not feel comfortable because of wet pampers and etc.

The purple sweet potatoes remain a mystery to us.

Parenting lesson #2: get to know to many kind of foods as possible, its family & in-laws, to avoid food poisoning.


  1. mya pon ada problem skin alergy. smpai skrg xleh mkn seafood. sblom umur setahun dulu kalo nk bg dia mkn ayam, cari ayam kampong.if dia mkn ayam biasa, sure naik ruam

    1. ayam ok far adelea makan ayam takde ruam...hopefully la sampai bila-bila...seafood memang kita xde bagi lagi, risau jugak, sebab dia ada history eczema...tggu dah besar sikit....adelea mesti gemar seafood-wajib-sebab mummy dia hantu seafood....hahahha