Thursday, 4 October 2012

1 year ago

I should have post this entry on the same date of my 1st entry, but does not happen.

When I start go again into this blogger world, I’m a bit hesitant. Few things dash my mind. How long can I survive? What should I write about? Why should I write?

All these questions with negative elements echoed, and I feel “ok…that’s it. I shouldn’t back to this world. I would not last even for 2 days”.

But, the angel side of me, she said “I should do whatever I think I want to do”. “I don’t have interest or hobby or things-I-like-to-do-in-my-spare-time” she added. “Blogging is the only thing you can do by your own (you don’t have to ask your husband to drive you to that world). Some more, you have to fully utilized the internet” She added more.

I love my angel side. Without her, most probably I am now a bookworm not a blogger.

I decided, to avoid me being lazy to write, my blog should have at least 4 entries a month. That represents 4 weekends every month. Since I enter the working world, my weekends are always full with activities. Especially, when Asan & I, just “bercouple balik”. You can imagine how annoying we are that time, as if we didn’t see each other, we will die tomorrow. So, dating every weekend is a must to avoid tomorrow’s funeral.

Sweet memory….

Reading back all my writings make me feel proud of myself. Each month I have more than 4 entries, which is more than what I expected, except for the 2 months I went back to my hometown, for confinement. Eventhough now, I see entries about weekend are almost none from month to month. Hehe. I have given lot of effort to make sure my blog still can breathe the fresh air until today & hopefully forever or at least, until blogging is no more in trend.

I have set rules to my blog also. I will avoid using harsh word (which sometimes I have to bend the rule-I just cannot help myself), and if I just witness something not good or had happened to me, and I want to share it, I’ll try to express it in positive way. So that, it wont become worse, & easily forgotten.

I’ll try to use the simplest sentences but simply tells all. I’ll avoid lengthy & not necessary sentences in 1 entry. Since my English is not high level as “very high” and I am the one who proud of my own language-Bahasa Melayu-which also not good as “very good”, I’ll mix both, depends on the condition/situation or the story itself. Some is fun to be told in Bahasa Melayu, but not in English. And, some words are more polite to be told in English, but not in Bahasa Melayu.

For example, I want to take the most common word of AA always says “Kau Hade?” and convert it to “you have?”….not funny at all, not even close. So, I still have to mix it.

As I say, my English is not perfect 10. To improve it, one of the ways is by writing. (I am too lazy to opt for reading). So I have difficulties of converting the Bahasa Melayu word to English. I don’t want to use “____“everytime I cannot find the meaning. So, I have to read a lot. I’m so proud to say, I read more since I start blogging. Maybe not many books, but I’ll make sure everyday I read something. At least, a small article in the newspaper.

*blur face* it just proved that, I have become a junior bookworm, accidentally.....ouchhhhh. Maybe, I was destined to be a bookworm! Just accept the faith. Merepek!

You must be heard of this “recites the Al-Quran everyday, even 1 word”. I used this as an assistance to read more & more.

When I have read more & more, I write more & more. And hopefully forever.

Eh, where’s my Al-Quran? Ooopppppssss……

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