Tuesday, 23 October 2012

10 reasons why you should buy new shoe

Asan bought a new shoe for himself last weekend, a sandal that he longing for very long time. Last time, the sandal not reaches Malaysia market yet. He tried online also to no avail. The “look can be trusted” online shop not ship internationally. Easy word, they don’t ship to Malaysia. Erghhh….or they don’t know where Malaysia is on the map. Hello….Twin Tower, Dr.Mahathir Mohamad….don’t you read?!

Which courier company that have “we live to deliver” tagline?

When he showed me the sandal online for the 1st time, it doesn’t attract me AT ALL. I’m not a sandal type person, so, I’m not really pay attention to him. I think it’s just another plain sandal that he likes with no reason.

However, when I try it on, OMG. It’s so comfy, so light, so best, so everything! I lost my word here. Probably, the best sandal I ever have. Chuppppp!!!!! I haven’t bought that sandal yet, literally it cannot be under “my sandal”. According to my mind, to my heart, to my feet, their opinion is “I should buy this sandal”. I was imagining myself walking in this sandal, going here & there. Look so good & confident (I don’t know why I need confident to wear a sandal), so sporty, so young. Pffttttt……that is where Asan interrupts and he convince me that I shouldn’t buy that shoe simply because I will not wear it.

Hahaha. You know what, what he said is 110% true. I’m more into ladies shoe. That sandal can best match if i am wearing a pair of jean. But, that’s I rarely wear. I love pants & loose blouse, that’s I most comfortable to wear right now.

I try to convince myself, I should buy I should buy. I won’t know when I’ll need a pair of sandal, and by the time I need it, I have none. I should buy I should buy.

Trust me, a women doesn't need 10 reasons to buy new shoe, if we want, meaning we want!!

image from google image
It’s not about the price, it’s a waste. I will never wear it.

I put back the sandal. I know I won’t wear them, most probably it will never touch the ground.

Normally, I’ll feel regret everytime I didn't buy something that I want especially shoes, but this time, I feel nothing. Its good sign, meaning I have missed from committing the offence of buying sandal. Hehehehe.
never question his taste :)

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