Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Bali Trip: the feeling

Extremely excited can best describe. Over-the-sea, who will say no? Some more it’s 75% lower than the price, so who’ll turn down that offer…I can hu ha here hu ha there without have to think a pinch about the never ending works at office, because…………… the boss is also in the same trip. His last word to me “we just do with whatever infos we have, the rest we will settle after the trip”…weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooooooooo, I am moreeee than happy.

The week before we went to Bali, we have send Adelea to my mother. *Sengih macam kerang busuk*. Mak is so happy – because Adelea is in front of her now. And unhappy because she has lots of work to do for my sister wedding preparation & I add some more work for her to babysit Adelea. I have a very convincing reason – Adelea need her 1 year injection, so she still has to be sent back to Emak. *sengih macam kerang busuk lagi*

The night before we went off, I have this bad-tempered feeling. Feel like want to shout to everyone who talks to me. Feel like I want to go shopping now & spend until the last cents I have. Feel like want to eat nando’s & tomyam at the same time. Most probably because, it’s been almost a week I didn’t see Adelea. I don’t know. Before I get married, whenever I have this feeling *which normally happened on the night*, I’ll switch on the laptop – my music source – play the WMP until morning. I do that, that night. But Asan wake me up and said “tutup laptop!” with his big eyes! Luckily I already fall to sleep, otherwise, Basella residence will witness the World Wife War 2….don’t cry neighbours, it’s FOC.

This trip I went to is a company trip. Ok….it’s a company trip, but still we have to pay some *not fair it should be free-shout loudly* money. But still, the price didn’t hole my pocket.

I woke up very early on the departure day. 4 am!!! The tour guide said, the buses that take us to LCCT will depart from office sharp at 5.30 am & the bus won’t wait for the late comers. They are so mean because they lied. The buses depart from office at 6.15 am! I’m so bengang!

Flight nerves anyone? Yes I am. I always think more on the negative side rather than the positive side. Since I always think like that, all the personal tests I went through labelled me as pessimist, which I choose not to bother the result, at all. Well….the “tests” is just doing its job to give result, and that’s after we answer some *tricky* question. We can lie on the question, & the tests never know. Haha. We cannot sense danger coming in right? So, be prepared! Safety first!?! Prevention is better than cure! Take your medicine……Whatever lah.

I don’t know for those who always travel by airplane, probably they don’t have this flight nerves.

But somehow, I always travel by car, go back & forth from my hometown to Asan’s hometown then back to my hometown. I still shaking in my shoes everytime I think of car accident. Especially, when I think only my daughter is survived. Will anyone willing to take care of her just like their own kid? That’s scary. Ok….don’t want to think more….everybody love Adelea.

*dial BIL now to arrange for more medical/life/education and all jenis mak nenek insurance. Oh….change the beneficiary for EPF, savings,and……that’s what I have-only. hehe*

When the airplane landed safely, I feel relieved. Alhamdulillah *kissing the ground*.

I have other think to be scared of. Do you receive an email about a wife who went missing when she went to Bali with her husband? She cannot be found until several years later, his husband go again to Bali and she found her wife, this time without the limbs, chained in a rusty cage for freak show? Do you receive it? I have banned Bali the 1st time I received that email. My sister laughs at me because I believe on chain email so much. Whether the email is true story or just fake, I still scared. That’s why I always with Asan, 24 hours. If I want to go to the restroom, I’ll inform him *if I don’t come back after 5 minutes, look for me!*. He wanted to have a walk on the night, I still follow him regardless of my tired legs *the night view is not nice tonight, we should back to hotel. We’ll try again tomorrow* hehehehehe

But…I’m here…..in BAL-LI. *baca L lebih sikit* BAL-LI.

Good luck in your pronunciation.

greet by the local people. so nice. but, i can't stand the smell of the flower.


  1. sampai ati ko tutup gambor wak cenggituh...kecik ati wak klu die tgok...huhuhuu

  2. sampai ati ko rose gi padam muko wak yg hengsem tuh...mau seminggu die majuk g lombok kang klu tau ko tutup muko die lagu tuh...hahahahha

  3. dalam hati:sapa pulak jack ni...*garu kepala*

  4. I love Bali. Went there for x times but planning to go again next year. Jom Ros...bawa Delea pulak

  5. I love Bali. Went there x times and planning to go again next year. Jom Ros...kali ni bawak Delea pulak.

    1. tunggu belikan delea bikini dulu....hehehehe