Friday, 5 October 2012

Learning to get along

When we decided to put Adelea at the nursery, there are few things that we worry of,
1st - will the caretaker look after her well?
2nd - Can she adapt with the new environment full of babies since she’s been playing alone for 10 months?
3rd- What we worry the most is, how is she going to adapt with the new environment?!

All that questions never been answered, definitely.

However, so far (touchwood) no problem comes along, Alhamdulillah. According to the caretaker, she get well along with other babies, she mix well & not really give the caretaker so much trouble. That is what the caretaker told me. Not sure what the actual situation is. I really pray Adelea doesn’t give the caretaker so much trouble. Insya-Allah. Ermmmm…I should have a friendlier borak-borak with that caretaker more often in future, I guess.

Sending her to nursery is almost the same as sending her to hostel right? Ok, that is my opinion, any feedback is ignored!

I don’t really agree with hostel actually, eventhough I stay at hostel form Form-1 to Form-5. So many happy moments that remains as sweet memory to me, but there are bad moments too which has swept away all the sweet memories.

I have few unforgettable stories which still buzzing around my head everytime hostel is brought up in the air. Bad & sad stories, but it seems funny to me now. I’ll laugh when I think back of this story. Erm…my seniors might read this. But, this entry is just to express my true feeling. That’s all. I’m not even mentioning your name, at least here.

It was during orientation.

I was attacked by Senior A & Friends. They accused me that I was rude to them. The *attack* situation is really terrible. 1 senior say something the other confirmed it. The other senior say something the other other confirmed it. I was alone, and scared. And very ashamed too. Anyone enter that room, will look at us with question mark hanging on their head, stand there few minutes, then bye bye. Nobody there to help me. I feel so humiliated. When I write say, that represent shout!

I don’t even have chances to defend myself because they will interrupt everytime I try to speak or try to finish my defend. I’m so furious they treat me like that, until 1 point I raise up my voice. Then they say,

“tengok….memang kurang ajar!!! Dah terbukti kurang ajar!!!!”

Sapalah aku masa tu kan.

Seriously, I don’t really know when I was rude to them. What have I say that made them value me as rude.

At last, then only I understand they say I was rude to them because I didn’t give salam when I bump up with seniors. That was the rule, junior have to give salam when bump up with seniors & avoid the senior give the salam 1st. I was Form-1 that time, & I am very afraid of seniors, definitely I’ll give salam. But the seniors keep saying “tak bagi salam” “tak bagi salam”. Biar sahajalah. Allah know best.

Not only that, they claimed that I don’t give proper salam. They hear “semekom” instead of “Assalamualaikum”. I don’t really understand, why they so mad at me. Some of the seniors who attack me they reply my “semekom” salam with “kumsalam” instead of “Waalaikummussalam”.

If you think I give you taik, you return with taik jugak. Kan? So, it’s fair, right?

And….some of them not even reply my salam because they busy watching the boys at the opposite building!!!!

Bravo la….you-busy-steal-steal-look-abang-seniors-then-you-not-listen-my-salam-then-you-said-i-didn’t-give-salam-la-rude-la. Allah know best.

Some more, is that the intelligent way to handle this issue? Oh…sorry…I just forgot. That time, intelligent not even invented yet. phewwwww….

Make it short, I got my lesson. Ah……after that I really give proper salam. I heard them talking among themselves,

“dah kena baru nak bagi salam betul-betul”

You know what, I even give salam to them in the bilik air (have few shower & few toilet but not all are well functioning). Then they scold me back because they say cannot give salam in the bilik air,

“nak masuk neraka ke?” They ask.

Or… I the mangsa keadaan here. The seniors want to give lesson to Form-1 who didn’t give a full salam, so they choose 1 Form 1 (not popular 1-me), they scold like crazy so other Form 1 will afraid not to not give a full salam. Wallahualam. And…whatevs seniors!

However, I must admit that, that incident really give some lesson.
1-if the incident repeat, try to be calm, otherwise I might said something that backfired to me. Try not even raise my voice.

2-adapt with the situation, most of the seniors don’t like me because of that case, I should do something to win back their heart. It’s not easy, so I give-up, then I set my mind-I don’t care if they didn’t like me, I came here to study, to get good result, if you don’t like me, that is your mental problem not mine. Alhamdulillah, after that, I never care if people hate me or what, as long as I know what I’m doing is correct, that will be fine.

3-i keep promise to myself, I won’t be like that crazy seniors. I’m trying to be cool, so I have less talk with juniors. But, it turns out the wrong way. The juniors thought I was the most garang senior that time. Whatevs juniors!

4-do not bear a grudge. Just left it to Allah. Allah know best.

5-I don’t really have “friend” after that. But, it such a blessing because I can do some “benda jahat” without being caught. I mingle more with my classmates (all of them not stay in the hostel), study with them, go to the town (illegally) with them, take out my tudung at town (hostel residence must wear tudung when outside the hostel), mix with boys from other school…hehe…..those were the good old days.

From my classmates also, I learn that hostel is no more relevant. When they ask me why did I stay at hostel, I give reason which my parents give to me, & their reply,

-to be independent,
-you can be independent too if not stay at hostel
-I can learn how to wash my own clothe
-we have a device called washing machine now, if you not aware of that. Some more you cannot cook at hostel, but you can learn to cook at home with guidance from our parents.
-I can learn how to manage my time
-prepare your own schedule, that’s managing also
-hostel helps me to discipline myself
-discipline start at home

This classmate which I discuss with, she got straight As in PMR & went to MRSM Taiping after that. So…who am I to argue more. Whatever it is, I always use her point, when I want to object on “staying at hostel is better than stay at home”.

So….nephews & nieces, would you like to use some of my point?



  1. teruk betoi yur senior yer.zaman akak xde camtu pon.senior baik2 belaka.
    sofea ok sesangat kt taska.mudah berkawan n mesra ngan mcm akak pulak the caretaker nya hahahahaha sowy

    1. the rest ok je...malas nak campur sangat. kena marah, masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan, bahagia hidup...hehehhe

  2. Duduk rumah = fun

    Duduk hostel = not fun at all

    Tu pasal aku kembali ke regret!

    Ye,aku masih ingat ko masa form 1-3 tak rapat sgt dgn budak asrama.masuk form 4 baru gang dgn budak asrama.kan kan kan

    1. yela...kau dah pergi meninggalkan aku masa awal2 form4 dulu....hahaha...tu aku balik asal usul tu...hahahhaha

  3. Aku masih ingat masa form 3 kite duduk berdua tepi gila tgk senior lalu..hari-hari cuci mata..haha

    1. ye aku ingat...zaman2 kamarul kata tu "zaman comot" aku...yela...redha jelah...hahahahhaha

  4. Comot tak comot.janji ada kenangan manis utk dikenang.hehe

  5. The seniors is actually being dare by your beautiness. Believe me!!! There is no point you ask junior to give Salam but you dont want to said so. Bukan ke memberi itu lebih baik.. What is the point to ask junior to bagi in fact you did not give salam to others.. What is the point to ask junior to give salam in fact you never practice outside the asrama. It has to be a good habit not a force-habit to secure that you is the most alim-senior. Stupid senior!! All this kind people is soooo typical. To those seniors, you should read more about book about how to win people's heart.

    1. whoooaaa...manyak free maaa.....boleh komen-komen.....

      biar sajalah....dah jadi sejarah dah pun....lagipun...biasalah...siapalah kita kan yang nak jadi kesukaan ramai...mak pak orang kampung je....cuba mak pak orang ada-ada...berani ke diorang jentik? hahahah...

      x jadi kudis pun kat aku...lagipun...kita dah jadi orang dah...lainla kalau aku x jadi orang kan. tension duduk asrama punya pasal, sampai belajar pun bodoh, harusssss aku salahkan mike-mike tu sebagai penyumbang ketidakmenjadian aku sebagai orang...

      eh.....belum cerita bab aku sorang je yang kena denda sebab berchenta tak hengat....aku bercinta dengan lelaki ok....tapi yang lelaki tu tak pulak kena denda...padahal sang lelaki sekawasan berlainan bumbung jek...dan....bukanlah kami saja 2 merpati yang hangat berchenta....couple helang, couple serindit, couple belatuk tak kena denda...alasan.....diorang kawan je...tak bercinta....serius aku tak faham AJK disiplin tu guna fatwa tahun bila....kau kenal kan AJK displin tu...fevret kau kan...hahhaha

  6. Aduishhh.. Kenapa.. Aku dah comment td.