Monday, 12 November 2012

Bali trip: the great places

When I received the draft itinerary from the Sports Club members, I was somehow think that “oh mennnn, this trip gonna be awesome!!”. jumpstar. I’m not really sure why, but I guess that might because of the word “enjoy free massage for 2 hours”. Look…Free!!, will you say no? I won’t because I heard FREE itu best worrrr. I really don’t know, I just heard & blind-ly believe. Hahaha.

However…..*why this word is existed*……the “enjoy free massage for 2 hours” is no more can be seen on the final itinerary. Hello…..tour company, please tell us that you forgot to type that 1.’s not happen. It has been removed from the list. Good. Now we have no reason why we want to joint this trip.

On the 1st day, we visit the famous Uluwatu temple. It’s a sacred place, where we have to follow & respect the rules while we were there. If you wear a shortpant, or anything above your knee, you have no option other than wear a sarung provided by them to cover your sexy leg. There is 1 signboard saying that, women having their period can only enter until the doorstep. *something like this*. Not sure which doorstep.

But, I didn’t realize of that, so I just enter the place. The reason why we were here is because, we are about to watch the sunset. And yes, the sunset is veghy veghy beautiful. Subhanallah. Maha Suci Allah.

Don’t be jealous of me. You still can watch the sunset from your backyard. The beauty-ness is the same. Some more, you won’t feel the back pain after 1++ hour waiting at office, 2 hours waiting at airport, 3 hours on the straight chair in the airplane, ½ hour waiting for the bus from the local tour company, 1 hour to hotel from lunch, 1++ hour from Hotel to Uluwatu temple. I told you, I prefer a bed to be lying in front me that time, rather than the sunset. But still, the sunset is so so so so much beautiful.

We left our “photographer skill” at home, hence the picture is so-so.
Nice right?

*some pictures are taken from my colleague.

Sharp at 6.30 we take a move to dinner. So we missed the dance that they say are so famous. kind of "rugi" jika tak tengok. Don’t worry, I don’t sad. I don't feel "rugi" also.

2nd day in bali, & we are heading to Tanah Lot Temple. Again another temple. *sigh*. Not like thatttt…….1st day in Bali, I already feel impressed, because almost everywhere, it will have the monuments & statues, which are so nice & so unique. They really take a very good care of their heritage & I know the local are very proud of that.

We can reach the temple by walk. Haha. That’s only possible at low tide. During high water, the temple will looks like an island though. it’s also believed that, there are poisonous snakes that guard & protect the temple. There is 1 side, 2 old man in-charge at “snake” section. However, if we want to see the snake, for real, we have to make some donation, which purposely to be used to cover for the snake expenses. Heyyyy…I don’t make-up story. That’s what been said by the 1st old man. Anyone who passed him, he will ask to make some donation 1st. there is 1 visitor, a young guy, don’t know he refuse to donate or he simply ignore, then the old man said something like this “ngak apa kalau tidak percaya ya. Jangan masuk terus. Mahu tengok, bayar, ngak percaya tak apa”. Simply I have translated in Bahasa Melayu. Hahahaha. The old man must have been said regardless the young guy understand him or not.

I heard, this is another best place to view sunset. Lucky we take a move to dinner before the sunset. Hehe.

3rd day in Bali… asan told me about the water activity that he has played last time he went there. It excites me, feel like want to try all, with one condition, it must be FREE. It will not happen, not in million years.

Before that, we went to Turtle Island. The island name says it all. Turtles don’t attract me, I can assure that. But, what to do, it’s inside the itinerary. We went there by boat *glass-bottom boat so we can see the fishes swimming under the boat*, eventhough they provide a life jacket, still I feel scared. I cannot swim and trust me, life-jacket can never be trusted.

The boat won’t stop so near to the beach, so we have to walk a bit through knee deep water to the Turtle Island. I walk slowly because I am just afraid I’ll fall down. Then Asan ask me to walk faster because there might have a water snake down there. What???????? Water snake?????then why the tour guide or the boatman didn’t warn us on that. Simply because, if they remind us, no one will want to walk in the water, stupid!

I don’t know, maybe Asan lied. Because he doesn’t want to wait for me.

When we reach there…….oh my God. I told you, it’s a very sad place. The place is so pathetic. The feeling is just the same when you visit a zoo. You will feel pity to the animals, they are caged, they not happy, they live in the artificial world. They are not them anymore.

The tour guide told us that, Turtle Island is a Turtle Conservation Centre. But, after 5 minutes tour, I can decide, it’s not. I don’t know. But whatevs!

1 of the people who manage that place show a small container fully loaded with sand. She said, there are “many” turtle eggs below the sand, waiting for them to hatch and after that they will release the baby turtles into the sea. I don’t know whether I should believe them or not. The sand looks so dry. Ohhh…I really don’t know about the real habitat of turtles, so ignore that lady.

Beside that small place is the pond for the big turtles. The water is dirty, it has smell that normal people with normal sense of smell cannot smell it and…yucksss…I cannot say more. The pond is small with loads of big turtle put inside. I took few pictures. I am not really happy, but what to do. Fake a smile.

I don’t understand turtles, but who likes to be caged? Used for profit, but never get the share. All living things deserve their own freedom. The bat..oh my god. I don’t know…but I think, if they were giving a choice, they will prefer a night zoo. Pity them. Again…what to do….

Luckily we are not there for so long. We will go back to the main beach. There, I try the parasailing. Haaa…I like this. The price is Rp120K for maybe 1 minute. I’m scared, but cannot wait for my turn. It’s super duper thrilling!!! *pleaseee.....don't pee in the pant*
tell me the truth. is this safe???

we are ready to conquer the sky!!

I’m so far away from the land...up up above the sky (overacting). The view is so nice. But, the time is so short. I don’t want to pull the string to go down, but if I don’t do that they will charge me again for another same amount. So weird right…I cannot swim, and I’m scared of ocean. I cannot fly, but I’m not scared of parasailing. Haha…..

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