Monday, 26 November 2012

Bali Trip: shop till you drop

Our days in Bali are divided into 2 activities, mostly. Visit the historical & attractive places & sho-ppppinggggg….. (Do you watch oh my English? If you did, you know what Mazlee & Azlin do when they have something fun in the list. Alah…those tangan shaking-shaking tu. You know now? Do it. now. Haha)

The 1st shopping place we went to is Pusat Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali – Agung Bali – a place selling local products.

The tour guide has reminded us that we cannot bargain here & have to be satisfied with the fix price. If it is the case, then we won’t make any purchase!! That’s final. But still we go inside. “tengok-tengok je”. It won't harm our pocket. yeay!

That trick never help!! When I see the price tag, it’s already cheap! I just cannot help myself from not to buy anything. I must spend few thousands (IDR) here. So, I grab few things which I think is “nice to grab”.

After we satisfied with our purchase at Agung Bali, the tour guides bring us to Sukawati Market. And that’s when we curse the tour guides!! They should bring us here 1st than any other shopping places. At Sukawati Market, I kind of shocked, because I never see this kind of selling environment. All the sellers here, trying their best to make sales. Instead of we ask “how much” they ask us “how much”. Except that, we ask them 1st, then if we show we-are-not-interested-face, they will ask us how much we willing to pay.

That’s when we start to bargain until we get the cheapest price you cannot imagine!!!
(So now you know the trick to shop here?! big thanks)

However, I don’t have the heart to really bargain with the seller there. As long as I get the price around the price I can get in my country, then I stop bargaining. Look, they already poor. We bargain like crazy for (equivalent) RM10 to be reduced to RM1. But we willingly to pay for a handbag price hundreds back to our country. I just pity them. They selling things, but the way they do the selling as they are begging. I so pity them. Eventhough I have this “menyesal tak tawar sampai murah” feeling, but still ok lah. Hopefully, the kids get better food tonight. Amin.

Then come this devil telling me “hey, you buy at (equivalent) RM10, don’t you know, their cost is RM1?”

Eiiii…shut up u setan!

You know why I have the “menyesal” feeling? Because, my friend bought a bag at IDR10K, the same bag I bought at IDR100K for 4 bags!!!

Another 2 places we went to is Market at Tanah Lot Temple which is similar to Sukawati but bargaining is not as fun as Sukawati & a shop similar to Agung bali which we still go inside “tengok-tengok je”.

Night is free & easy. We take this chance to tawaf the Bali Town. Definitely, you can see us heading to Hard Rock. Aiyohhhh….! Not clubbing la. Gile kau nak terkinja-kinja dengan hijab di kepala??

We are looking for Hard Rock Hotel/Shop to buy the signature shirt of Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Its Asan interest who like to collect signature product and Hard Rock T-shirt is a must buy item. The wife being so clichĂ© – support the husband - kenalah beli 1 kan (nangis!). We buy for Adelea too. Comel. Pink karer.

 perangai menunjuk size makin menjadi-jadi & tak terkawal

You cannot find Bali printed in London. Trust me!

Here, there are lots of shops selling surfers stuff, such as Billabong & Rip Curl to name a few. We try to find from those brands that have “Bali” printed on their products, such as t-shirt, hat, socks and anything. It’s not “I love Bali” that 1 ya. That’s sold everywhere anywhere including Chow kit.

(Tapi, kalau "I Love Puckhet", hanya jual kat Phuket). ((takut ada yang tarik balik souvenir pulak karang...hehe))

Almost every night we wander around Bali Town. Taking pictures with ugly pose, hang out at Starbucks & KFC and order meals not sold in Malaysia, get into the same shop few times until the sales person feel so annoying. Hahahaha. Sometimes, the sales people choose their customer. Those that they value as “takde duit ni”, they won’t give a very good services. Whateverlah kau!

Sellers at Tanjung Benoa
There are few things that I still remember while in Tanjung Benoa (I don’t mean to portray a bad environment there)

1) The women sellers there bring (their is doubted) kids when selling – some of them use this tricks. Definitely, to help them selling their products successfully. The visitor will pity them & buy because they pity the kids.

The kids’ condition is not manageable, of course! rambut berkarat, muka comot, I doubt they got their breakfast that morning or not. The weather is sooo damn hot, & the women carry them didn’t cover their head! I pity the kid. What happened to their future?! Will they be sent to school? Will they have brighter future? Ya…I cannot predict future. I didn’t come from rich family also. But…you know….those feeling….

I just look at those kids with empty look. When our eyes met, then only I realized “nasib masing-masing”. So…I have so much to thanks for what I have now.

2) The weather is so hot. We have to cover our eyes from the hot scorching sun. I took out my sunglasses to cover my eyes, but asan don’t have. So he buys 1 pair from the lady selling the sunglasses. The price for each pair is IDR20K. While busy picking, his uncle already pick 1, he handed me the money then I handed it to the lady. When asan has choose what he wanted, he pay IDR50K to the lady, supposed the lady should give back the change, but she did not!. We ask for the change. She said the IDR50K is for 2 sunglasses & pointing her finger to the sunglasses that asan has bought & also to my sunglasses.

HELLooooo!. This is mine. ORIGINAL PAIR!!!! How dare kau cakap aku beli kat kau?? Kalau aku cakap harga aku beli berapa, boleh pengsan 2 hari tau kalau kau dengar!!!! Agak2lah kan. Terus sentap!

ni yang aku tak gemor beli barang ori tapi banyak ciplak. cettt!

3) After we went back from Turtle Island, we feel so thirsty. Almost all of us bought the ice-cream sold from the ice-cream seller. We buy 2 Magnums for IDR40K. We think it’s cheap when we bought that. We just forgot to convert to RM. IDR40K is around RM12! That’s expensive!!!!!!!

And at Bali, there is 1 flavour that not available in Malaysia market (or I cannot find them). Magnum Gold.


  1. in bali could be heaven n hell at the same time i know the feeling very well. One thing i learn...the sale's tricks n strategies they perform are quite effective n could be used with some improvement in modern office sales/marketing.
    One time i was there with collegues...lepas panas2, haus n lapar keluar dari pusing2 satu temple...a lady approached a colleague n gave him a banana. He was happy...ingat pisang free...ala ala souvenir temple. X memasal the lady demanded him to pay for the whole bunch. Amik satu kena bli seikat. Moral: xde benda free kat bali

    1. hahaha....tour guide tu cakap, style mereka berniaga, dapat jual barang, dapat makan, dapat hidup, kira dah ok. diorang tak cari lebih (most of them la)...tapi x taulah kan, nampak je macamtu, tapi rumah banglo 2 3 bijik ke....