Friday, 30 November 2012

How should I write this?

I have few queries to my local Xxxxxxxx Department. 1st email has been sent out as early as 14/11/12. After few days, no reply from her, I have send out a reminder email, but still no reply.

I send again after few days, together with other new queries, she did reply, but only the new queries. The old queries, seems like she didn’t see it?!

Closing time is getting close, so I need to settle this by today or to be precise, now. Because, if this is not settled, I cannot continue to other job.

But…how should I write to her, to remind her, again? Seriously, sending out reminder email is not easy, what I’m afraid of is, my words might hurt her feeling. So, I try,

Is it ok? Will she hurt? Will she read my email as another reminder or as someone who are not a boss, but trying to act like a boss? I don’t want her to think that I’m pushing her.

I try again,

The last word is not intelligent enough.

I think, I got the tunes! Need a little bit more twist.

Sound better, I guess. Another twist.

It turns out, the more I write, and the angrier I am!

So, I try to put myself in her shoe. What if, I am her, I’m delaying to check my colleague queries, because I really have no time to check, because I want to take long leave, so I just finish my main job only. What kind of email that I’m expect from my colleague?


Less than 5 minutes, I received reply from her on item 2. Another minute, she replied item 3 & 4. Erm….see, not a big problem to check on.

I wonder, how is her reply look like if I send the email with the capital “I TOO WANT TO TAKE LEAVE!!”

Whatever it is, I believe, working world is tough and handling people is not as easy as A B C & 1 2 3. But, I too believe, there’s always smarter & more intelligent way to solve problem other than insulting & humiliating people. Some more, there is possibilities I’ll do wrong also in future & need her help. Karma. It does exist!


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    1. bayarla weih....setengah jam kot karang ayat....

  2. Dearie...well done. Anger management ;) Anger n temper dont really work well when u have to work with the same colleague for another a year or more. But "your soonest reply is highly appreciated" & "thank you in advance" usually works well, almost in all's kinda reverse psychology ;). My advice as someone who was a cooly n boss myself, in future u may want to cc the email to the the bosses too (urs n hers) and even give the due date (eg. looking forward for your feedback/reply by only it would help everybody to keep tracks on own n others work/plan, but also kinda soft threat...hehehe...the best is, with that u dont need to be a boss to have it done. some may not like the method, but that is the correct way...the reason is: everybody is kept posted of whats going on n everybody knows who doesnt do the job without pointing the finger.
    So cepat2 buat professional cert...cepat jadi boss :D

    1. haha...thanks kak ana. thing is, kita memang tak suka cc boss. & i think i brought in the culture. 1st few months joint this co, semua email yg saya dapat pun nak cc boss, eventhough on small things. especially when i was new, i do mistake more than i do correctly.perhaps, the boss impression towards me is "this girl is a mistake". kita betul2 culture shock sebab in my previous company, we all di ajar, to settle by our own 1st. meaning, settlekan among level kitorang dulu. klu betul2 tak dapat settlekan, then only brought up to higher level=boss, which is different in my new co.but, i survive...haha...jiwa kental kan.."lagi kau kata aku tak pandai, lagi lama aku bertahan kat sini, untuk butikan aku tak bodoh macam kau sangka"...itu jelah ayat penyejuk hati...andddddd, the situation now is a different, & friendlier i guess.

      certain people memang akan cc boss, sebab it'll help to expedite their work...& kita tak sorok anything from boss. i still update to my boss, what is currently happening. from how the problem start until it was solved. it's not easy to be done, but it can be done....wish me luck kak ana.....

    2. Certainly best of luck to and for you ;).
      Recently i had a discussion with some people regarding the escalation i.e we come to conclusion that to cc is a right work ethic. one, bcuz it is not only to smoothen the work flow but it also helps to avoid overseeing things in team. i.e let say kalau salah sorg yg rajin baca email tu n found out ada silap...he/she could correct it. so unnecessary error could be fixed on time, x kira la order, project, process etc. katakanla kalau dah cc n ada silap n xde sapa perasan...mmg mangkuk la team no single point failure ;). two, back to one, the person yg antar email tu gonna put more effort to make things correctly and in order, yg di cc not only be updated, but also see the development n learn from each other. team work n lesson learnt.
      another thing ros, jgn kisah apa org pk...kita semua blaja...klu org tu rasa dia hebat sgt, dia patut ajar klu kita silap...klu dia gelak je, x hebat mana la...lagi sakai dia dari kita :)

    3. hi kak ana, thanks for the advice... :)