Thursday, 1 November 2012

New family member

Lay the red carpet….

My one & only younger sister that I loved & hate the most is married last weekend. Finally, she found her prince *are you sure?* charming. Oh….how I missed her other x x x x boyfriends…eh…sister, how many of them arrr that you have introduce to me? I remember 1 of them name is Shazlan. I’ll check with our 1st BIL, he knows a lot. Ha ha ha ha. I still remember my X-Fuad. LOL

She is the most ‘headstrong’ among my siblings! Sangat degil. As I rejected the renjis-merenjis ceremony, she rejected it too plus NO HENNA. Probably she just realized she’s adopted. Her biological parents from country V, no wonder she wants to follow her parentage culture. As usual, she’ll make this “denial face”. ROFL

Her Wedding Dress! 

Guess who she got the inspiration from.

Emak made her to wear the inner. Of course I was the one she blamed. Emak never agreed with my wedding dress. I assured her, this & that labuci-labuci will cover this & that area. Just wait & see. But, when I have wear it, Emak can only see. Sorry Emak. So, Emak is really particular on her wedding dress. Her 1st pre-condition is “tutup semua”, which explains all other conditions.
The day starts with the Akad Nikah. While watching my future BIL who is sweating while waiting for the Imam, his future Biras no.3rd is also feeling the same. Aik???? “I remember the day I was there on that pillow” in his offence. Erkkkk…I didn’t say anything. Gotcha!

As usual, the saksi will always love to ask the groom to have the lafaz 2 times. Alhamdulillah, they are now husband & wife, legally.

On the noon, is the bersanding ceremony. In my state, we have this adat call “toll gate” (the word has been modernized, not really sure what they call it in last century). Toll, as it goes by the name, we have to pay some amount of money to let us pass.

BIL have to prepare some packets fill with small amount of money, because there will be toll at some checkpoints before he can reaches the dais. This time, sure will have toll, got lesson from my wedding. Lucky la Asan kan, my family somehow forget about that, so he easily pass through all the checkpoints and sit on the dais with smile on his face. Grrr!!!!

Toll gate – it’s just an adat
Whatever it is, it’s only adat. Nothing more. Some people don’t like it, because it will humiliate the groom family, especially if they bring very few packets, but the penjaga toll is too many. We just have fun. Celebrate the newly bride. If really they don’t bring enough money, they can just say so.

Seriously, we at bride’s side tak pernah hingin duit seringgit dalam sampul duit raya tu. We just have fun. Come onnnnn…why so serious?? It can be a test to the groom also. We can see, whether he’ll be at bride side, on any consequences. If really he bring less money, by honestly admit that, & do whatever he can *politely* to make sure he still can sit beside his bride, it such a blessing.

Trust me, I hear rumors, there are groom who refuse to continue the bersanding ceremony because they don’t want to pay for the toll. He asks his family members to get back into bus & chow from the wedding. Until, the bride’s parent come & console him, there’ll be no toll, only he agreed to bersanding. If it really happened in front of me, & if that time I was possessed by demon, I’ll give the groom a slap. A big one. Nice & hot!

Pity the parents who have such a lousy son in law.

See, from there we can see that, the groom will not stand by the bride at any consequences. Cubalah kan, something bad happened to the bride, you can guess how many talak the wife got in 1 go. Hurmmmm….

It’s only prediction. Don’t get me wrong. We never know. Only God knows. We always thank Allah, because we married to the right person. Until the day, we have been betrayed by our husband/wife, and then we questioned back “dear Allah, why you made me married to the wrong person”.

manusia.....mana suka salahkan diri sendiri.
Allah works in very secretive way….

Eh…..looks like I’m giving advice on “how to determine we have married the right person”. Feeling Dr.Love sangat!


  1. my frenz terkena psl tol nih.mak andam pow RM100 semata2 nk lepaskan tol yg last (naik pelamin).bengangg giler member. btw thanx so much for the baju2 bali tu yer.

    1. tu mesti tak discuss dgn mak andam kot. macam kita dulu, memang siap2 discuss.

      ada tu yang saja buat scene. let say mak andam mintak 100 untuk toll, kadang2 pihak lelaki saja letak rm20 dlm 5 mak andam tak tau. so bila lelaki bagi 1st packet, memang mak andam tak bangun sebab baru dapat sajalah bagi havoc kan..packet penjaga toll pun dah siap2 discuss sebenarnya..klu discuss untuk 20 org je, memang akan control, tapi nak selamat bawak jelah lebih. kadang2 bukan boleh control...hahaha...

  2. Yeah...we had it easy during asan's although we were quite prepared for the toll...i think ;) Rugi Ros, untung asan. Michi was lucky for our akad nikah was easy. We only had to say I DO three times. Xde pegang2 tangan kadi. No sweat. Kawin la cara turki ;) Anyhow, congratulations to Erin & Ejam, n also the families.

    1. asan memang cakap diorang dah ready dengan duit toll. some more dah memang ada deal dengan mak andam bagi dia duit toll rm10. tapi, masa tu, semua pun pun lupa...mungkin diorang terkesima tengok pengantin lawa & hensem sangat kot.....hahahahahah

  3. rasanya satu Malaysia dah tau adat tol2 nih..bkn mintak byk mana pon, singgit dua time dulu mak andam mmg dah siap2 bgtau dia nak RM101.00 so prepare jelah..lagipon knalah jaga sket air muka pengantin and makbapak pengantin kannn..

    1. duit toll tu extra ke or macam deposit kepada mak andam?

      betul tu..paling tak pun jaga muka kan. masuk kawasan orang, janganlah buat kepala sendiri kan...hehehe