Friday, 9 November 2012

once upon a time

I came across the AEON Membercard Day advertisement in Facebook fanpage to be held on 7th & 8th of November, I read that on 7th. I have missed the 1st day (such a loss I cannot describe), then I assured slashed forced Asan to go for tomorrow sale, because we need to change Adelea feeding bottle, urgently! Truth is, I don’t have any idea whether Tommee Tippee feeding bottle is sold in the AEON Store or not. Don’t care! Yang penting I must go.

SALE is a very soothing word to me. Apetahlagi kalau BIG SALE. Boleh melompat kegembiraan. Unlike other sale that AEON normally held, Membercard Day will have offer a very high discount *unbelievable* + voucher for every RM100 purchases + FREE GIFTS (on certain product). Normally, this is the best time for me to restock my Clinique skincare, because normally (2X), it will offer set of 7-8 pieces of free gift. That gift set is entitled only if I made purchase to almost RM400 of Clinique range. Based on my calculation RM400 – RM40 (minus the voucher) + free gifts. Sangat sangat (2 kali cukup), worth it dari beli during normal days.

We rush to kids department, hoping to buy the desired feeding bottle. I’m not very familiar with AEON BT, so I need to tawaf the whole floor only to found nothing written as “tommee tippee”. I don’t mind tawaf. Hahaha. Really don’t mind. I might found something else, accidentally.

So I decided, the feeding bottle is sold out. That’s smart enough! Nobody can blame me for not checking whether it really sold here or not. bahahaha. I do the tawaf again at the other part of the floor, grab some bedding stuffs for Adelea. I carry them all with my 2 hands, because trolley is not available. Bakul also not available. Takpe…sabar…shopping punya pasal. Ok, done with Adelea, I want to buy my things. & this is the best part.

The 1st of “my things” that night is cooking tools. The mixer, oven pan, bowl and other things which I think is NECESSARY to make a Pancake. Correction: oven pan to bake cookies! I just take blindly. If guna, guna. Tak guna, simpan. With these 2 hands, full of “things” + under my armpit, I walk to Information Counter. Asan & Adelea are there, trying to renew our JCard. I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror. I know I’ll look stupid!

When I reach at them, Asan show me his number. ANOTHER 40++ TO GO!!!!. That’s a good news, I can have another tawaf, probably to another floor. Butttt.....….that kind of thinking was longgggg time ago. Time before I get married. Sementara tunggu nombor panggil, tawaf lagi, mana tau ada barang penting yang belum diambil.

Now….dengan Adelea yang belum dinner….alahai….Clinique? Adelea? Clinique? Adelea? It’s so hard to decide.

This is it. Enough! I’m not in the time “before married”. I don’t think it’s worth my time, to line up for our number to be called for card renewal, then line up again at Cashier.

I left all the “things” & we walk out from the store. Bye bye Clinique.

Membercard Day is fun! Was!


  1. tomme tippie mmg xde jual kt jusco dear. buy online ajer lah

    1. hahaha...tommee tippee tu alasan nak ke sale tu.... :) berjaya, tapi xde hasil..... :(

  2. Haha...sweet story. pernah hampir terselit skali masa kat johor secara x sengaja...asalnye nak gi tgk wayang tapi x sampai lagi parking dah jam giler...rupa2nye ada AEON member sales...terpaksa tukar plan n arah.
    Akak pernah gi sogo membercard sales setelah kena paksa dgn kak atie...cukup la skali. sanggup bayar normal price dari sempit2 antara manusia and diri kat queue yg x tau bila habis.

    1. kita dulu rush after office hour, naik lrt terus ke midvalley.tak payah fikir parking. terus pergi lady department, ambil clinique (pegang resit je) & sikit2 lama2 jadi banyak barang yang hanya ada 50% 70%.. mostly baju yang x perlu guna trolley..hahaha...dulu seronok kak...memang seronok.tak makan malam pun xpe...
      time's change la does the manusia la kan..bak kata asan "dah tua".....