Monday, 19 November 2012

time to change bottle feeding

It has come to my mind that, it’s the time to change the bottle feeding that Adelea have been used for almost 1 year. I know there are certain limits that a bottle feeding can be used. However, everytime that thought came, I was not available to internet. Whether I was in the kitchen chopping the onion or I was just lazing around on the coach, so moving my butt to take the laptop in the other room is something impossible to do.

When we are lazy & we have lot of friends whose address is virtual world, that’s when we should “use” them to the max. haha. What I mean was Facebook. I try to seek help/ideas/life experience (hello…bottle feeding je kot) from the mommy or not a mommy about the bottle feeding useful life.

Most of their answers, I should change when:
1) The bottle has turn yellowish
2) The teats hardened & turn yellowish
3) Bottle with BPA – change every 1 year, non-BPA change every 6 months
4) The bottle has scratches everywhere & the wording is faded.
5) and many more

Ok….if compare to Adelea bottle feeding, there is no change in colour, no scratches, the Tommee Tippee wording still can be read clearly, teats not become hardened and it’s almost 1 year in usage. “Should not change” factor is more than “should change”!

The next day, I google on the bottle feeding & cannot find the best article/website about that. However, I do found some useful infos, such as,
1) Bottle feeding should be change when it’s been in usage for more than 1 year
2) If using sterilizer, no need to change yearly because the sterilizer is “power” enough to kill the bacteria (I use sterilizer almost everyday…since….2 months ago)
3) it’s the same as #2 if the bottle is daily wash with /rinse with /soak in boiling water, no need to change yearly. (This is yes)
4) and many many more. Google yourself.

So, to make my life easy, I’ll just change them, since Adelea also keep on getting demam at least once a month. There is possibility the bottle feeding is the factor.

We went to Mothercare @ KLCC, the shop we bought the sterilizer and with 4 bottles for free with discounted price. I decided, Adelea will continue use the same brand.

However, the feeding bottles with the teat, ON THE SHELF, are all under “0m+” category. Tommee Tippee has “6m+” for the biggest teats. Of course I want the biggest, as Adelea already 1 year old. I ask for the bottles with “6m+” teats from the salesgirl, she said “don’t have”. i have to buy the bottles with 0m+ teats & buy 6m+ teats separately. I would like to argue “then what I should do with the “0m+” teats?” Tapi, tak payahlah! Marketing strategy – failed!. (ish ada kena mengena ke?).

Seriously, is this normal???

At home, I do the comparison between the old & new bottle.

So, the old bottle did turn yellowish. Old teats are soft, but harder than new. So, old teats is hardened!

Bye-bye old bottles.

Welcome new bottles. (You have another year. please improve!!)

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