Monday, 31 December 2012

Accidental vs pre-booked

Couple of weeks ago, we welcomed few new members to our home. We do have a plan to buy some of them, but, when we went to that shopping mall, we actually looking for something else. It is something that we already booked, but not available in store?! I should talk to the manager on how to manage stock efficiently!

They are……….

Stand mixer & Oven

 This is the cheapest price I can found throughout my hunting for these two appliances. When I 1st bumped into them, I was like - out of control. Just like bumped into kekasih lama, and that kekasih lama is a never-tell-story to husband. You know…that feeling…anxious….alamak macam mana boleh terjumpa….bla bla bla.


Confession – I never have a never-tell-kekasihlama. I just know the feeling.

Lately, (since Adelea start to eat solid food) I just love to cook or bake. Homemade food is always the best for my daughter, eventhough it’s a no-taste-because-no-salt porridge + carrot + chicken, still better & healthier than instant porridge. She’s growing now and starts to eat by herself for example cookies & bread that does just give me a reason why I have love to cook/bake.

Back to those two appliances, both have 8 days exchange guarantee. So, I have to bake within these 8 days to test whether they are well functioning or not. Well, I understand, I cannot have high expectation on cheap products. But I too didn’t pay few hundred for damaged products.

* The situation is the same when I was stay at hostel during my secondary school. The hostel fee charged to us is very low, because the government subsidized for us. But, when we complaint about the quality of the food; the fish is not fresh, rotten vegetables and sometimes we found maggots & flies, fried chicken that have the egg flies, rice already turn yellowish, the caterer/hostel manager will say “don’t complaint, you all only pay very little! Tak bersyukur”. Then the ustaz/ustazah/motivational speaker will remind us to bersyukur all the time. Nanti Allah murka.

Look..Yes we pay very low. But we didn’t pay for food yang quality sikit lagi nak jadi sampah. Some more government already subsidized, the government has pay for us. So what? Government bayar korang untuk masak makanan busuk untuk budak2 hostel ke?*

I still in the learning process of baking and the interest just start blooming. This baking thing can be hangat-hangat tahi ayam, if judging from my previous records on “trying new things”. That’s why, my priority for my 1st oven is the cheapest, as long as it can bake, and that will be fine to me. Just wait when I have the interest to bake my own kuih raya, well that time, I’ll endeavor for a multi-function, big in size at cheap price. Haha.

Believe it or not, I bake on the next day.

Following the choc chip cookies recipe taught by kak Ana, tadaaaaaaaaaaaa

Well….tak sedap pun. Seriously, I hate them. I made half the portion, and managed to get half of jar – we only eat 1st & 2nd tray, the rest end up in the dustbin. Asan help me to throw them, it’ll kill my interest if I throw them by myself. I just don’t have the guts. They are not just plain cookies; they are my hard work, my effort, time, energy and money. Phewwww.

But, it never stops me to bake again and again. The problem with the 1st trial cookies might be from less flour mix in. that’s why the cookies are not crunchy. The relieving part is, both appliances is well functioning. Hopefully, still well functioning for another 2 @ 3 years.

Razor, bottle brush & M.A.C lipstick
Oh….this is suka-suka. I love the new lipstick colour. Feel like want to change mood from matte to pink. Fun.


This is for Adelea. Actually, we have plan a trip next year; the Quinny stroller is quite heavy to carry abroad. This buggy is lighter & easy to carry (by Asan) also. Before we pay, we put Adelea on that buggy. She seems comfortable, so we decided this buggy will be fine. But the moment we walk out from the shop, Adelea start to climb on the buggy, and then only we realized, it’s not so safety because the safety belt cannot hold her from climbing. Not to worry, mummy always has ideas to modify.

The last but not least – iPhone5.

Actually, we went to Alamanda, Putrajaya to try our luck to buy the new iPhone 5. Ok…this is not the best intro to tell about the iPhone 5. The story about iPhone 5 is like this.

There are news spreads out that IPhone 5 will enter the Malaysia market soon. One day, Asan received an email from our current network provider (NP) that they will launch the iPhone 5, they offer for booking for the M** members. Of course Asan did the booking; he booked for 32GB, to be collected on 15 Dec'12 at C********. 1 day (few days before the collection day), Asan received email from NP, saying that the 32GB is out of stock, only left for 16GB. He received the same thing by SMS. Later he checked on the NP Facebook page, they are updating the status about the same issue.

3 sources from the same NP, definitely we believe the email/SMS/status. Asan made phone call to the customer service, not 1 time, but many times asking the same question “is the 32GB is really out of stock?” the reason why he called many times is because, he saw few somebody already bought the iPhone 5 32GB & updated it in the NP Facebook page. Feeling curious, he called the customer service many times. Different customer service gives different answer;

~ The stock only comes next week ~
~ Customer service won’t have any idea whether iPhone 5 is available at which outlet ~
~ Left your phone number, we will call you back to inform you that the stock has arrived at which outlet – This is the stupidest customer service ever. They already ask for phone number on the early conversation for authorization. Now ask again?? ~

Feeling hopeless to get the iPhone 5, instead of we went to C******** to collect, we straight away heading to Alamanda. There, we give name for waiting list. Our name is at 2nd page. The salesman there assured us, tomorrow we might have the chance to collect. Then we wander around Alamanda, hoping that we still can get the iPhone 5 at the end of the day. That’s how we bumped with all other things above & terbeli them. Asan keep ask me to check my mobile phone, in case there are missed called or SMS saying that we can collect the iPhone 5, but until end of the day, still no news from them.

We go back to that outlet, pretend that we never give our name for waiting list, then I ask whether I can get the iPhone 5 by tomorrow if I give my name now. The salesman (this time is another man) says, probably after 2 weeks only we can get the iPhone 5. I didn’t write again my name. That time, only I realized, actually there are many pages of waiting list on many cardboards. I don’t know what the function of them taking the name is. Just to make people shut their mouth, or they just love taking name list. To get some ideas to name their newborn, perhaps!

I suggest to Asan, we just go to C******** and check whether 32GB is really out of stock. Have stock or no stock is 2nd things, because when we go there, we can found out ourselves what is actually happened. On the way to there, I made a phone call to the customer service. The customer service said, the stock will come for about 2 week’s time. She confirmed to me, the 32GB at C******** is really out of stock. She said, she’ll inform me when the stock is arrived. We just ignore the tak-tahu-apa-apa customer service and still heading to C********.

When we reached there, we show the print on our booking, the salesman say “ok, follow me to collect your iPhone 5. We are a bit shocked and asked the salesman few times, is 32GB out of stock? We even affirmed to him, we only want 32GB, we don’t want 16GB. He said “yes yes I know, follow me”.

Asan in stripe shirt. he walked so fast!! cannot wait to see the iPhone 5---
 He leads us to the registration counter, there we ask the same thing again, the person at registration counter replies the same. Meaning, 32GB is never out of stock. So apa case dengan email/SMS/Facebook status/phone call saying that 32GB is out of stock. Is it a prank?!

Not funny guys!!!


  1. tgh cari buggy jugak utk iskandar

    1. ni kami jumpa kat anakku kat alamanda, masa tu ada buat sale tgh bulan haritu. RM200 je kak. tapi, macam kita cakap tulah pasal belt dia macam tak ketat..anytime adelea boleh lompat turun...masa nak beli tu, jumpa warna kuning+hitam, cantik sikit. tapi habis stock, ada biru je. dah nampak boboy...huhu