Monday, 3 December 2012

Bali Trip: cycling around the town

The hotel we stayed in have bike ride, and it’s free if we have checked in for 3 consecutive nights. Hence, we take this chance to cycling around Bali on the 4th day of our stay in Bali. We woke up so early in the morning just to book the bike, because it’s limited to 4 passengers at 1 time.

After breakfast, we start the cycling journey. Somehow, we don’t feel afraid of being hit by car. The traffic system there is quite safe; “a uniform security guard” will always ready to control the traffic in front of the hotel or building. So, if we about to cross a building entrance, the security guard will help us to cross safely. 1 thing that we must be very careful about is, not to step on their persembahan. Each building/shop or anything will have this. They believe, this persemabahan will help them to get more rezeki/wealth.

I try to be a friendly tourist. Try to be nice! I say good morning everytime I pass by the security guard or the shop owner whose busy preparing to open their shop. Feeling tourist sangat! But, that last about 10 to 15 minutes only. After that, I’m so tired. Mengah.

Our 1st destination is Beach. Not many people there at this early hour. Try to take “postcard” picture, but as I mention before, we left our photographer skill, so, we don’t get any “postcard” picture. But, we managed to get this. Tihihihihi

Then we continue our journey to the town. ring ring ring…we honk the pedestrians . When they moved aside, we thanked them. Bye-bye them. They bye-bye us back. Haha. So much fun. Like we have known each other. Like this world truly a peaceful place to stay.

I’m sweating, it’s healthy. We should do this healthy activity more when we back to our country. (and…yeah…that thought was left in Bali. we don’t have plan to take it back. hahaha)

went to bombing area in Bali, but we not managed to get closer, they will have an event in the afternoon, so they busy preparing for the event.
There’s 1 time we lost. After the bombing area, we take inside road, through the building. We thought it will heading us to town near to Hard Rock shop area. But not. The shortcut heading us to the Beach. That means, we have cycling around Bali Town, 2 TIMES.

Actually, we want to do some shopping, for the last time, perhaps. But, the shops there is only open around 10 am. So, we take a rest at KFC and have our 2nd breakfast there.

We didnt take so much photos, still don't have the skills of "taking pictures while cycling". hahaha. Have few pictures, but mostly are "Facebook Style", so no need to publish here.

After we got what we want, we cycle back to Hotel. Check out time at 12 noon. I still feel, I didn’t cover the other side of town, but Asan assured me, we have covered all shops in the Bali map. Ok, fine! I still don’t feel tired from the cycling trip. You know when I feel that?

At the airport, line up to check in. wowwww!! Rasa nak tidur terlentang disitu juga!

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