Monday, 31 December 2012

cheese sauce

So I decided to try this new recipe, kasi taste ala ala Italy konon, I get the recipe from this website, none than other – Annabel Karmel.

The recipe is quiet easy, and the most important thing is, the ingredient is very well understood by my malay-brain and….easy to find in store.

1 - Carrots 4oz/125g (I don’t have kitchen scale, so bottle feeding is the kitchen saver)
2 - Butter 1oz/30g (I used Ballantyne & unsalted. I just divide it with 250g, more or less few grams will not affect the taste, I guess)
3 - Medium tomatoes 3pcs/approx 200g.
4 - Cheddar Cheese 50g grated (I just use sliced cheddar from Cowhead. 1 slice approximately 21g, then use 2 slices)
5 - Annabel karmel pasta stars (mana nak carik? Nak order impossible lah kan. So, guna from Heinz, jadilah)

The how to cook is very easy, so you just go & check that website.

What’s best about this recipe?
1 – easy to find the ingredients
2 – easy to prepare – take 15-20 minutes to prepare
3 – Cost is affordable
4 – The recipe didn’t said anything about “suitable for freezing” and the author also didn’t answer when her reader ask about that (but I think it cannot, because, if can, she will mention it in at the bottom of the recipe). I just use my logic motherhood instinct; suitable for freezing, but, only for 2 days. So, it saves my time to cook for next day. hehehehe
5 – ermmmmmm

At first, I thought I need 5 reasons for each recipe, but I think, 4 is enough. (next time 2 is consider enough)

So, happy trying.


  1. a must try recipe for my hero hehehe. eh pasta blend sekali or not

    1. kita tak blend, memang dah lembut. adelea gigit2 hancur jugak..tapi kita rasa dia gigit guna gusi...haha