Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Food for Public Holiday

11th Dec’12, was Sultan of Selangor’s Birthday, hence that day was declared as Public Holiday for Selangor State only. All offices/factories/businesses run in Selangor are all closed, unless the boss says “your leaves are frozen”. Then….ermmm….. (Nothing to say).

Asan’s office is not in Selangor area, so he went to work that day. Left us, Adelea & I, enjoying the cold morning by continue our sleep. Yes, we have to bye-bye the KL employee (with eyes closed), then…..let’s pull the blanket and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mummy: When we hungry then only we wake up, ok?
Daughter: Deal!

*dalam fikiran*

I woke up at about 8 am, because my colleague from other country is working, so I need to online from home in case they need me. Lucky we don’t use video call; otherwise they know I’m not in front of the laptop. ~smiling~

Since, today (that day) is holiday, I plan to cook or bake new recipe.

Choc chip cookies sounds good – CANCEL – I just forgot I don’t have oven.
Pancake again? – CANCEL – only 1 egg left, and that’s my lunch.
Lempeng – CANCEL – tepung pun habis.

So, kalau tepung takde, apa pun tak boleh buat kan? *big sigh*

But still I have to cook. Unless “makan angin” tu kenyang, I prefer “makan angin perisa tomyam”.

After that, I think of something. 7 days a week – 5 days I went to work, while she at taska. If I cook/bake, it’ll take a long time. I supposed to use the day to spend a quality time with my daughter. Right? Today we should do more mother & daughter things. Thanks God the flour has ran out of supply.

We have breakfast together, the simplest ever. Took less than 5 minutes to prepare.

At 10.30 am. That’s gila-gila I think. Hehe.

Then we watched cartoon, until the cartoon watched us.
I woke up at about 2 pm, and cook my lunch quickly and have my lunch quickly too. I’m afraid Adelea will wake up, and then it’s not easy to feed her, while I’m also eating. It’s not easy for me. Some more, I want to be beside her when she woke up. So, she will think that I will not leave her. Sweet.

Adelea woke up at almost 3 pm, I closed my eyes a bit, when I saw she opens her eyes. As usual, she’ll slap my face & my body to wake me up. Then, I open my eyes, smiling to her. She smiling back, and the way she smiles, showing that she feels safe because I’m still beside her.
Lunch for Adelea. Rice porridge + carrot + potato. Senang dan mudah.
See nothing right, but that moment – adelea woke up seeing me beside her – is very precious moment. Perhaps, for the time being, mother & daughter things is not shopping, spa, saloon, manicure, pedicure…you know…it’s not the time yet…but…anything…as long as we do it together and we always together. That’s the “food” for our mother & daughter things.


  1. akak breakfast ngan kakyati on that day. at ARR restaurant dpn tu heheehe. next time nk join tak? hahaha syok giler

    1. ok kita dah emel....dan dan bagi no.fon kan...hahahha