Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lempeng & Pancake

Lempeng must be the most “kampung” food you ever know. I love to cook lempeng, because it is easy to make and do not take a long time to cook. (I love easy peasy cooking). Normally, only the flour is used to make the lempeng, but we still can add up flavor such as milo, grated coconut or even chili paste. My favourite? I like it with egg on the top. My father taught me this. Taught us.

I learn how to make a nice lempeng (hot roll in this case), a recipe from Asan’s cousin. You can check-it-out about her here. (p/s she have a tasty-looking apple pie recipe. Hehe)

The ingredients (definitely the-easy-to-find)
Egg (always remember 1 egg for 1 portion) – amalkan basuh telur sebelum nak masak ya.
Flour (better to sieve)
Fresh Milk (I use Dutch Lady)

How to prepare (method):
1 – Whisk the egg, better in a high container to ease the whisk/beat/stir work.
2 – Put in the flour little by little, and stir them together. If the dough is still soft, add more flour little by little until they cannot be stirred.
3 – Add in the Fresh milk little by little & stir them until they are well blend. No small lumps.
4 – To determine how it is ready is when you dip in the fork/spoon inside the mixture, no flour stick on the fork/spoon. The mixture will flow drop by drop.
5 – Add in a pinch of salt (for the taste), stir again, and put the mixture in rest for about 10 minutes.
6 – Heat the pan (slow heat & use non-stick pan), and apply a very thin layer of butter on the pan.
7 – It must be fried thin. Because, if it is not, it will look like the original lempeng.


Very delicious to have them with Nutella and Ice-Cream (CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR OF COURSE) and DURIAN. (I think I know how to make the durian crepe without checking for the recipe. Hahaha)

Happy trying!

Eh….what about pancake?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

So I was talk about how I want to find tools to make pancake, then I use office time to find the recipe for pancake. We went to Giant to look for the tools. And I got what I want. Then, we go to flour section, because I don’t have any flour left. So, I found my flour. Then, I walk to the end of the Gondola, I found this.


So, there is flour specifically to make pancake on the shelf. I never know.


  1. Great that you tried it!!
    Lupa nak bgtau...kalau ada baki x terhabis...boleh je hiris halus2 n bekukan...pastu bila2 leh je campak dalam sup...ala2 home-made noodle..

    1. tak terfikir pulak, tapi hari tu buat....licin.

      hehe...buat 1 telur je...next time nak buat guna 2 biji pulaklah. tapi tunggu ada mixer. sebab lenguh nak memukul. hahahaha (dalam erti kata lain-malas.