Friday, 14 December 2012

ready to change

2013 will see a major change in my department; each of us who have work more than half a year will be rotated among us, it involved 6.5/9 of staffs. It is a good change to us, out from our comfort zone and will learn something new. I too will involve in this change, I’ll handle accounts from another Asia country. Could not wait to start the new job and get acquainted with new colleagues.

This new country is a manufacturing company, different with current company that I handling now, a retail company. Manufacturing & retail account is different, slightly maybe. I never involve in manufacturing account, so I don’t really have a clear picture what is manufacturing account is all about. If anyone asks me to describe what manufacturing account in one word is, my answer will be “variance”. Hahaha. I’ll meet with variety of variance with different colors, definitely.

Some say, manufacturing is tougher than retail. Retail is everything straight forward compared to manufacturing which always have unresolved problems created by “genius” people. Of course la genius, normal people won’t do such mistakes!

My colleagues say it too, because everytime they got problem in their unit, & they will ask around, checking if other unit facing the same. They rarely ask me because they say,

1 – You don’t know, you are retail
2 – You don’t know, retail won’t have such problems

Ok, fineeee!!!!!

But, been in 2 retail companies before, there are problems too created by genius people and this problem never can be seen in manufacturing. But, it can be resolved. So, I never agreed when people say retail is easy & straight forward, but I agree when people say manufacturing is tougher than retail. Everyone has their own opinion & view, which ermmmmm….ok, we just respect their opinion & view, ok peeps.

I feel sad too. Because, my unit and I, we already feel comfortable with each other. We can work together as a team, they understand the way I work and I try to adapt the way they work. We help to back-up each other, cover each other from small mistake (minor unintentional mistake, we close one eye la), it’s not good maybe, but those settled problem, we no need to bring it to management. The management also doesn’t want to hear small things, they have other big things to think about. It helps in our appraisal also. Not that we undisclosed mistake and we not deserved for bonuses & increments, but small mistakes… need to be so grumpy la kan.

Eventhough we are like this, but when any of us commit big mistakes (unintentional) and cannot be solved without the intervention of higher management, we with open hearts say “yes, it’s my mistake. I’m sorry and I’ll be more careful in future”.

We hide mistakes but we never say it’s not my mistake.

I feel scared too to work with the new colleague. Because, the “rumours & complaints” I heard & also witness with my own eyes, they are not so co-operative. Look, who likes shared service? Shared service caused the workers to be sacked.

About the new colleague’s attitude, I don’t want to think much. When the 1st time I work with my current colleagues, people say the same things too. They are arrogant, they fierce, they cannot accept mistakes, we cannot make mistake because they will straight away report to the boss, even small mistakes. The seniors tell me, I have to be fierce also, just like them, otherwise, I’ll be bullied. I believed my seniors, I followed their advice. But after sometimes, I think this is not the work environment that I want to work in, so I change.

After some time working with them, and practice a more harmony working environment, I’m so surprised they are different with what the seniors told me. You want evidence? Read back from the start of the entry.

That time, I was new, I always make mistake. 1st because I’m not familiar with the new system & procedures. 2nd, I’m new and I’m the learning process. I was like a robot, because I’ll just do whatever the seniors tell me, I just take input. 3rd, sometimes I’ll go for try & error. I try to do but it’s an error. Because, we learn a lot when we make mistakes. Trust me.

Last time, I heard rumors but I don’t witness it. This time I heard rumors and I witness it. So, you know, I cannot say something is beautiful when we already know it is ugly.

Its ok, I just think positive. There is no problem that cannot be solved. If attitude is the problem here, I’ll challenge myself how to win their heart and I have to think hard what strategy I should implement to them. We cannot rival fire with fire, we never win.

Ermmm…I think, I think too much now. I’m feel scared on nothing (really meh?).

Ok ok…stop thinking about them.

p/s: ada kenal mana-mana bomoh siam. Hahahahah. Takut tak bertempat.

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