Tuesday, 1 January 2013

For New Year 2013

New Year comes again, and it’s expected. How the time flies so fast, and without us realizing it, a year has gone. I’m excited to enter this New Year, to enter the new chapter of my life. Yes I still have dreams that yet to be achieved. So, I still have to remain open my 2012 book and at the same time open up a fresh page for a better 2013.

I’ll enter a phase of the 30’s this 2013, eventhough it’ll have another 9 months to reach that point. Increasing in age is creepy. Especially when we think about wrinkles. Haha. But, it’s just another number. The more I am age, the more I grow mature, the more I am wise. Right?

How I celebrate this 2013 New Year? I am in front of the laptop, typing.

Go gather at square for countdown and watch the firework is never a fun to me. Not that I’m having small kid, I just never like it. It’ so crowded, dirty & dusty, with the music so loud until we have to shout to talk to each other. Until 1 point, we just keep quiet because it’s no point talking if the reply is aaaaa? aaaaa? really pissed me off.

I don’t want to teach my kids to go for countdown. If they ask “why mummy & ayah never bring them to countdown?” I’ll answer them honestly, and I’ll put negative element until they will say “we don’t want to go for countdown. We will never go for countdown”. hahaha

Recall the years passed by, many things have changed, not least remain the same. Do not want to repeat the same old story, I will tell you what I do on the new year eve.

None than other………baking.

Ok ok…hold your wahhhh and wowww words to yourself 1st. I use this.

Instant saja. Tak sampai setengah jam, dah boleh di makan.

So, Happy New Year to all of you. May this coming year ahead bring us joy and happiness. May we still live in peace and harmony environment. May Allah S.W.T bestow to all of us good health and enough wealth. May Allah S.W.T grants us strength to achieve what we desire.  May Allah S.W.T grants us a sound mind to think what is good and bad, and speak only good things, instead of a boastful words that might hurt others feeling. May all of us stay within and blessing of Allah S.W.T. until Jannah. May Allah simplify our journey for a better life and afterlife. Insha Allah.



  1. Ami suka brownies dia.. chewy and sweet and chocolatey..there's other types too - like moist, dark chocolate.. hahaha.. that one, surely its evil!!

    Well, instant is better than nothing!

    1. brand yang ini ya? ok nanti boleh cari lagi. bestla instant ni..dapur tak kecah.....hahah