Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hectic Holiday – Legoland

On 25th Dec, we went to Legoland as planned. They still cannot issue to us the annual pass. They said “oh, the card is ready, already in the system, but we cannot print out, the printer is malfunction, we have to order the machine, the machine is from London, the machine already at the port, waiting to transfer to here, the card is not suitable, have to re-order”. We just nod our head. They might think they explaining to 5 years old kids & married and have a baby age 1 year old. Perhaps.

Some of the pictures.


Old Railway Station

Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Tower








(I feel very proud when the building landmark is a mosque. I was like “wow”. I don’t have this “wow” when I saw Putrajaya Mosque)

And others………

Adelea got the chances to drive a “Nissan” too.

Then she met an old friend, who is now a reporter.

 That’s all.

There are other nice things to see here. I just cannot snap them all & paste it here, because it’s too many. *wipe the sweat*

 If you ask me, is it worth it to come here, my answer is Yes!. If you not come here, you have lost something. So, go & see by yourself. It’s more satisfactory.

What are you waiting for? Go! Now! Mainkan peranan anda *maksud tersirat:belanjakan wang anda* hehehehe

Alhamdulillah. Another great vacation together with my family. A very quality family time. Eventhough it’s just domestic, but still I’m thankful because I have the chance to travel, see nice things & be grateful Malaysia has this kind of attractive place. Hopefully, many foreign tourist come and help in Malaysia economy. The most important thing is, I was there, with my family. Yes, that’s most important.

Our next trip is in February, cannot wait to see Adelea reaction in airplane. Alhamdulillah for all these rezeki that I have.

“Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku, sentiasa limpahkan rahmatmu kepada kami. Semoga kami tak leka dengan kesenangan ini, Ya Allah” let’s pray together ok.

I want to go to Mecca, but, to go there, a lot of preparations need to do such as enough saving, clean heart, make sure amalan is ok.

So not easy, but I hope, Allah help to ease the way.


  1. pastu adelea pon sebok mintak mainan LEGO kannn. anyway I really missed her lah. baru seminggu xde. eh mak org lain pulak yg melebih2 rindu kt dia hahahaa

    1. habislah bulu mata adelea banyak gugur...ada orang rindu...hehhe