Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hectic Holiday - Little Big Club

We went to Legoland to redeem our annual pass. Unlucky, their system went wrong, so they cannot issue the pass, instead they issue a temporary annual pass – the ugly one. They said, we can come back next Monday onwards to collect. Ok, just fine. Because today, we just want to look around 1st.

Wait for the next entry on the Legoland trip.

We went to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park, it’s nearby the Legoland. Here is the map.

There are 2 parks; Sanrio Hello Kitty Town located at 1st floor and The Little Big Club at 2nd & 3rd floor. The other one is Lat’s Place, we didn’t go there.

The price without Mykad is RM65 each and RM110 for 2 parks. With Mykad, the price is RM50 each and RM85 for 2 parks. Free admission for kids under 3 years old. We want to go both, but we are so stingy so we choose only 1 park. We go for Little Big Club, because according to the ticket seller, Little Big Club has more game and ride that adult can joint, instead of Hello Kitty, it has more on learning activities.

I still keep the ticket; this small paper historical value is RM50. Pftttttt!

1st, we went to Pingu’s igloo.

Then we moved to upper floor.

Queuing to board the train of Thomas Train Ride.

That’s my BIL, he’s too charming to be exposed here. Hehehe.

Secret: the train run 2 rounds, hence you will feel bored also 2 times.

Then, a bit more adventure than the train ride - Windmill Ride.

 Each Gondola will turn around 6 times, but after 5th, Asan give up because Adelea cannot stop screaming. He asks the controller/keeper to get them out.

We* = Ayah & Adelea only

Then we tried Bertie the bus.


On certain set-ted time, the cartoon characters such as Bob the Builder, Pingu and many more will come out & meet the visitors. We can take picture with them, but….we has to line up. Something that I’ll never do….oh…not that I don’t like it, but I just give other visitors the “chance” to line up. Ha……

Our last & must-go activity is Johor Premium Outlet. It was raining heavily when we reach there. Might be hujan rahmat (rain of mercy), I’m getting a handbag, perhaps.

But no, nothing attracts me.

One who never failed me – La Senza – always makes me happy when I stepped in & happier when I stepped out. Eh….until now.


  1. alaaa rugi lah tak masok hello kitty town. its more fun actually (never been there just baca review blog kekawan ajer). hello kitty town sweet sgt2 n sesuai dgn gegirl mcm adelea tau. hihihi

    1. yeke....tapi, orang counter tu cakap, budak sebaya adelea tak sesuai, sebab tak faham apa lagi. tunggu besar sikit baru faham the activity kot. yang pergi haritu ramai adult kan, kena fikir apa yang adult boleh buat jugak...hehe