Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Hectic holiday – Tanjung Leman

That afternoon saw us – 13 all of us – checked in at Tanjung Leman Felda Residence. Fully sponsored by YB FIL. he he he he.

*untung ekk Leman ada Tanjung*

The girls get their own room, so, I have to send Adelea to her father’s room. Mommy just wants privacy with the adult girls only. Hehehe. But, that night, she went out crazy, at about 3 am, she woke up crying and doesn’t want to stop until Asan give-up and knock my room. See….mommy always know what to do. *clap hands*

The place is quiet ok. It’s clean, the room, the swimming pool, then have free Wifi – strong signal ONLY at lobby area. Still, I managed to download Astro on-the-go application. As long I’m not totally disconnected from the world, that’s fine to me.

We have been searching around for a good & suitable swimming suit for Adelea that can cover the diapers, but we cannot find them. End up, Adelea went into swimming pool with normal t-shirt & tight pants. She doesn’t like it so much, because the water is too cold. She still shivering, eventhough I use hot water tap to shower her. Ok, next time, I’ll buy a baby warmer.

Not long after that, I found out, we can use the cloth diapers, to be specific – cloth swim diapers. Ok, to do buy list,

46. ____
47. ____
48. ____
49. Baby warmer for swimming
50. Cloth swim diaper

There is a gym nearby the coffee house that we discover only the next morning. It’s open only for 18 years old and above, but they (asan’s brothers) read as “for all ages”. Asan is the head among them, trying to train Adelea for heavy lift.


It was raining all day long. The waves was so strong, I not dare to come nearer to the sea. So we just stay in the room, watching TV, chatting-chatting and pray the time move fast(er).

After checked-out, we drove back to my in-law house. We went out again after that, this time to a clinic recommended by my in-law for Adelea rashes skin. Pity her, eczema never been better. But, I never restrict to feed her any food, except for food that I already know will build the flame. I even told the caretaker at Taska, she can feed her any good food, but please remember what food that she feed her. In case that food build the flame, so next time don’t feed her with the same food.

*janji kenyang*

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  1. cuba try susu alpha lipid lifeline utk masalah eczema dia.insyaallah berkesan