Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Secret Plan

rosy-lane was visited by spiderman

That’s enough to tell that I’ve abandoned my blog for quite a long time. My last post was on 4th of Jan. That’s…long…time!

I’ve been busy lately. I want to post about our vacation during Christmas. I’ve try spending some of my hectic times to start to write & sort pictures, but that’s only last 5 to 10 minutes. It’s either Adelea need my attention or I’m just sleepy and tired because I’m too busy during the day, so I’ll just switch off the laptop.

It’s Year End reporting, so, during the day, I give 110% concentration for the reporting. Sometimes, I have to bring the work back with me, which most all the times I’ll not open them, because everytime I want to switch on my laptop, I hear a mysterious voice whispering “office hour was o--verrrrrr” which I agree 120%. So, I remained seated on the couch watching TV, especially when it shows the reruns of Maharaja Lawak Mega 2012 or CSI or P.Ramlee movie or movies.

****Good night reporting, see you tomorrow***

My weekend? B.u.s.y!

We took long leave since Christmas and went back to Asan’s parents, which is not near. The journey took approximately 4 – 5 hours journey by car. Kind of journey that sleep awake sleep again awake again…..yes!almost there *insert happy face*…..sleep 1 more round awake 1 more round……….


Am sleeping all sorts of styles, I should named them all next time.

We went back to Klang on Wednesday. Then the next Saturday, we went back to Asan’s Grandparents to attend a very important wedding. I work on 1st January! Then the next week, I have company stock take, which took the whole Saturday. Then the next-next week, we just been busy, until it is dark…. eh? dah malam?

How I wish 24 hours a day will be longer, not too long..oklah…30 hours. I do four jobs at once; an employee, a full-time mother, a full-time wife and a part-time house-maid who also assisted by a gardener (hehe) cum 2nd house-maid who also helped to put Adelea to sleep. with extra 6 hours, I can get back my 8 hours of sleep, complete the house-chores, blogging, watching TV, playing X-box game, cooking and many more!!


Die lorr.Die lorr.Die lorr.Die lorr.

Until 1 day, my sister told us (her siblings) about a friend of her who get stroke attack. He cannot talk, cannot stand up, cannot do anything, but still awake and still can see people around him. That’s happened so sudden.

That…..just strike my head – I’m complaining too much about not enough time, what if my “time” has come?

I care too much about duniawi (worldly) rather than the akhirat (hereafter) things. I don’t think about what if stroke say “hi” to me. No! I’m thinking about, I say “bye” to this world. Am I ready? Are all my practices are accepted & sufficient to get me a place in heaven? Are my body part can help me to answer when the Malaikat Maut ask? Do all my sin are forgiven?

I cannot complete my duniawi job, you can imagine how bad my record is for the akhirat.

Last week Adelea got fever with 40˚, another lightning strike. That very time, I pray, please Allah, don’t forget about me, please listen to my pray. Please grant the best health to Adelea. That time, I see myself “date” with the prayer mat often and longer. That time, I really pray, really really pray. Khusyuk!

There’s verse say “Allah SWT purposely give us test, so we will pray and ask for guidance”
(Allah SWT sengaja menurunkan ujian kepada kita, kerana Allah SWT ingin mendengar kita berdoa kepada-Nya)

“Allah Jua Yang Lebih Mengetahui”

*correct me if I’m wrong, afraid of spreading the wrong things*

Yes, I realize that, and I understand, everything happened for a reason and I believed something good will comes after. I accept all these as the will of Allah SWT. So, I just redha and hope that Allah SWT has a good planning for me ahead.

“Allah SWT does not tested a man beyond his ability”
(Allah SWT tidak menguji seseorang itu, diluar kemampuannya)

“Allah Jua Yang Lebih Mengetahui”

*correct me if I’m wrong, afraid of spreading the wrong things*

This is just a small test, a gentle reminder of where I am now.

“Everything happened to us, is because of our past deeds”
(segala yang berlaku kat kita, adalah dari tindakan/perbuatan kita di masa dahulu)

“Allah Jua Yang Lebih Mengetahui”

*correct me if I’m wrong, afraid of spreading the wrong things*

Certainly, Allah reward/punishment is true. How and when, no one knows.

 So, I use this, to look back at myself, to check where I was went wrong, and to regret all my bad deeds. Make it as guidelines, so I’ll not repeat the same. No more shi* talk about others or talk behind peoples back and spread rumors. Because all that, might come back to us. Wallahuaklam. And when you regret or you know you are wrong, are you willing to ask for apology? Will you? I’m not. Wallahuaklam.

Selalu berfikiran baik terhadap Allah SWT. redha.

I’m not saying I’m a good person now. I might say the same thing again and again. During difficult time, I talk about repent, how I regret and bla bla. But, when life back to normal, I just ignore and act as nothing happened.

I’m still not a good Muslim, but I’m giving myself a chance to be a better Muslim.

Hopefully, this thought will last forever. Amin.

With this, I thankful there is only 24 hours a day.
Ketentuan Allah SWT adalah benar dan paling baik.

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