Thursday, 7 February 2013

Angry Notes

Do you see anystrangethings on the mug? Or anything?!

Let me focus it for you.

Nahhhhhh……(buy a magnifying glass if you still cannot see it clearly)

That was lip print on the mug. Eewwwww…gross!

And………….. I’d take a sip!!

So, herewith my colleagues’ opinion

A – just drink it all lah…imagine it’s the original print of the mug.
(that makes me feel it’s ok to take another sip. Thank you friend)

B – what if kan, some people not finish her/his drink, so the waiter/waitress just add more water and serve it to you?
(What?? Ok I won’t take another sip. Thank you friend)

I waved to the waiter/waitress and when he/she nearer to my table, I scolded him/her &^$)(&^%^$ until he/she took out her waiter/waitress uniform. At the end of my word, I throw the mug straight to his/her face. I’m a happier person after I scold the waiter/waitress badly.

THAT was in my mind only. But, if this happens at younger me, hahhhh…..sure…..

(now I feel bad if I ever do that during my younger time. Blame the hormons)

I still want to let the waiter/waitress know about the lip print. Ok, they probably know it, but they ignore it. So, I want them to know, I see the lip print & I’m not happy. But not in the way that’ll jeopardize their job. (There might be many “little mouth” waiting for his/her money remittance back at his/her country. Since I gave birth to Adelea, I always think all people is this world is married and have many kids. I’m sick!). So I write a love letter at the back of order sheet.

I was rush to office that morning, in fact every morning (hahahaha sorry boss), so I still remember I do not wear any lipstick. Surely, that lipstick is not from me, I'd take my 1st sip using my left hand, so, if really it’s from me, the lip print will be at another side.
Eventhough I’m not a regular customer, but, I’m one of those important customers you have. so, take note.

Oh….in case, anyone wonder what is the drink, when it happened & where.
It’s Teh Tarik, I have it with Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam (I can take milk with santan together, no sweat. and the Kari Ayam is for easy sleep after lunch hour), during lunch, the restaurant name….. sorry guys, I’m not telling.


  1. mamak ka? mamak kalu itu worang tada paham apa u tulis kih kih kihh

    1. haha...bukan mamak.. tapi waiterwaitres dia foreigner ada melayu/indon pun ada.

  2. ros..wha la too nice?! kalau kak ana dah kena panggil dah waiter tu..pastu terus pangkah kedai tu..
    it happened to me once kat kedai mamak tapi lagi super gross...bulu kat roti canai...since then phobia stengah tahun kat roti canai

    1. kak, kita memang dah pangkah. in case dia ingat kita kan, so next order mungkin nasi goreng + air ludah. mungkin. hehehe.
      malaslah nak panggil. haha. tulis gitu sudah. janji hati puas. hahaha.

      *balik malaysia bawak balik chocolate. pesanan dari mike,arissa & adelea*