Friday, 1 February 2013

back to the origins

Last week, we went to Mini Malaysia & Asean. I was born in Melaka, oookaayyyy. Such an emotional to be able to return to my homeland. Reminiscing my childhood time during school break, ooohhhhh….what a memory. I’m going to cry….huuuuuu.

I missed my late grandparents so much. I missed the time when Puan scolded us because we are so bising playing while she have guest. When we back during school break, she will ask what food we want, so she can go to Market & buy that food we wanted. Not everyday of school break, but still….I missed them all. I missed Atok eventhough he not recognized me, (cry a river) he just know “ini anak Dak Yah” (my mother). Saya kekurangan kasih sayang atok & nenek.

*Al-Fatihah for Atok & Puan*

This was my 3rd time being here. 1st when I was still at primary school, my sister brought us there (if my memory telling me correctly). I don’t have a good memory on the 1st trip, what I can only remember is my sister (cannot remember which one) ask my other sister (cannot remember which one) to hold me when we want to enter the Rumah Sabah or Sarawak. It has high staircase.

That’s all I remembered about the 1st trip.

2nd trip is when I was still trap in I want a curly hair dimension. It was few years back, errrr….I really cannot remember the exact time. (makcik dah tua)

This 3rd time, we went here because, there is 1 makhluk tuhan never been there. So, give him chance lah to see what exactly this Mini Malaysia & Asean have.

As usual, Adelea & I will be the model for free. Hehe.

Since I cannot really remember, I cannot compare between 1st, 2nd & 3rd trip. I don’t know what last trip have, this trip don’t have or vice versa. From this trip, what I can only see, almost all the houses are the same. All have high house, the staircase is a little bit different, but still look similar to my eyes. If they didn’t put the banner in front of each house, I don’t know each house is belong to which state. Asean houses! Patut kena refund separuh harga ni!
The ticket price is RM10 each. Since it’s not free, we have to enjoy our time there, pretending this is our 1st time, and we so eager to explore the area.

AND, we have an essay homewok "Aktiviti Cuti Sekolah", so we must take picture as much as possible for the essay. hahahahaha.

At Rumah Johor - proud to be a Johorian! 

I still remember, last time we used this for the windows.

But, I don't remember we use this kind of lamp.

Since we feel so boring, so try to snap pictures as we were in characters.

 A wife with her daughter waiting for the husband back from the sea. The husband is a fisherman.

A girl waiting for her boyfriend from the war. Her boyfriend was promised to meminang after he came back.

Errr…..we think we feel more boring than before, because it was a sad story. We are terrible actors.


  1. byk berangan byk berlakon. yg kecik tu pon sama la jgk. but it so sweet hahaha

    1. sebenarnya, saja nak biasakan adelea dgn camera

  2. dah besar dah adelea...nanti balik raya mesti dia xnak kat kitorg sbb x kenal :( sop sop sop
    tapi xpe...kitorg nye backup plan is rasuah semua kanak2 yg kitorg nak pegang...huhu

    1. dia taknak sekejap je...lepas tu akak nak bawak terbang balik german pun mungkin dia hoccay je....hehe

  3. cayalah kak ros jln2 pkai heels cmtuh!

    1. hehehe...hanya mampu tersenyum...lenguh after that, tuhan je tau....hehehe

    2. xpe. hot mama!! well, sape ckp da ada anak kecik xleh bergaya. both thumps up

    3. hehe...jangan puji lebih-lebih..ada orang gain weight nanti....huhuhuhu

    4. tak boleh nak follow blog apit lah. xde link.