Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Football Crazy

We had this conversation on the way back to my hometown during Chinese New Year recently.

Asan: the brother (referring to the man who sell the Football Shirt), he has another nice shirt you know. I feel like I want to buy? Do you want?

Me: I wanttt…with 1 condition. It must be free.

Asan: wahhhhh…so manjaaaaaa everything you want is subsidy.


 *such a nasty mouth he is. stink! He definitely needs to be taught about good manners!! I’m thinking hard to pay him a lesson*

Me: so, you still want to buy another one?

Asan: of course!! I’m the die-hard fan of football. I want to have full collection of Football Shirt.

Me: really…?? So how many Football Shirt you have so far?

Asan: 4!!

Me: wowwww….that is many. But…don’t you know that Football Shirt meant to play football. And you don’t.

 hahaha gelak syaiton!!

     the collection ( 4 meaning for this year so far)    


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