Thursday, 14 February 2013

not a sad ending to a happy beginning

Our 6th anniversary is around the corner. oohhh la la la

As usual, a little something (I wanted to write something big) for both of us.

ya. Jusco je.

We still not open/use the gift yet. It can only be used officially on that date. So, wait until the date come.

We are not forgetting gift for Adelea. This month she’s turn to 1 year 4 month, and that was such an important date to remember! In fact every 12th of the month is important date to remember!

There is a man standing nearby watching his son playing at the mini playground inside the Aeon. He shows a shock face when he saw Dora inside the stroller instead of a real human being baby. Then I shoved him with my eyes to Adelea. And….give him a cynical smile. That smile represents “hello…I’m not senile to think Dora is my baby”

Masya-Allah (minta dijauhkan)

Ok…that was not happen. When I saw his face reaction, I quickly call Adelea name to show to him “ my daughter!!”.

Please don’t think I’m flirting with other man especially that man hold title "suami" . I’m not that cheap B with 4 stars.

What??? I just being drama queen. Why so serious? hehehe

Since that man gives a shock face, we put Dora back with her other twins on the rack. First, because of that man face reaction. If he scared, Adelea might feel scared also. So…blame that man for being so chicken! Second, because, being a loving parent we are, we just know that Dora will feel sad because she had to say goodbye to her twins just because she has to accompany Adelea to sleep. Not just that, she had to say goodbye too to Barney & twins & friends, other teddy bear & twins & friends. Hehehe. Third, because, erkkkk….we don’t want Adelea to think Dora is her sister. Enough with Pinn & Bulu (the Melaka Wonderland mascot doll).

Why I said 1 year 4 month is important? Because, Adelea knows how to carry a handbag in a very "elegant" way.

No no no. I don’t cry seeing her carry my handbag like that. I’m not even sad to think my handbag will damage. I’m too busy imagining of new handbag collection at Charles & Keith that will change address to my wardrobe soon(est).

My handbag is damage, husband. If I don’t give her my handbag, she will scream!


  1. eh dh 6thn ke? akak br nk msk 4thn ter advance anak pulak hahaha.bunting pelamin :-D.
    btw, leh bg nombo fon again tak? my fon rosak.xsempat nk selamatkan semua nombo2 dlm tu uwaaa

    1. itu bukan anniversary khawin. tu anniversary bercinta semula. :)

      anniversary khawin lambat lagi. hahahahaha. k. nnt kita sms kat akak.