Thursday, 14 February 2013

Report Card: Week 2

*Supposed, Adelea should prepare the report card, not me!!*

I can’t remember when & when Emak told me this, but, heyyy….who cares!

“we went to kedai makan, I bought a chocolate bread for her & feed her while waiting for my Nasi Lemak. When I got my Nasi Lemak, she wants no more the bread. So, I stop feed her with Bread, and ask 1 empty plate from the waitress and put some nasi on that plate and feed her. But she doesn’t want. She points her finger to my plate. She wants my plate!”

“She keeps pointing to the top of the rack. There is where I put all the biscuits!”

“Din went to town early morning to buy diapers. Left her with me. Din came back home in the afternoon. When she saw Din coming back – going out without her – she so angry. she keeps on nagging (aaaa!! Aaaaaa!! Aaaaaa!! Baby’s language). She guards Din all day long. She even sleeps on Din’s lap”

Ok, this….make me sad. Adelea never afraid of strangers, in fact she loves to follow strangers, especially when strangers extend hand to hold her. She surely wants. She wants the strangers more than she wants me or Asan.


I never blame her. We never blame her or anybody. It’s our fault. We left her with Emak, until she reached 10 months old. She knows, when we (asan & i), dress up to return to Klang, she knows we won’t bring her together. So, she might have this “afraid of being left behind” feel. Maybe.


Ok, enough of sad story. Life must go on.


  1. why adelea sofea kurus lepas blk kampong ni? huhuuu. anyway she really missed her frenz so much. pg2 dh hug them kemas2.pastu she came to me n give a kiss.alahaii so sweet la yur doter tu. pinjam bwk blk umah boleh tak?

    1. aikkk...tadi mummy suruh kiss tak mahu. sibuk nak ikut abang wafi.

      wa wa wa wa wa...adelea tinggal!