Monday, 4 February 2013

Report Card

I sent Adelea to my parents last week. That was after Emak keep on saying like this “it’s been quite a long time I didn’t see Adelea since you took her with you. Is it already 1 year?” and “you have to let Adelea stay with me for few weeks. The cats missed her so much” Seriously Emak?! Cats? That was the most chronic excuse I ever heard. So we decided we will leave Adelea and pick her back after Chinese New Year. Oh my….I missed Adelea so much. Only Allah knows.


1st day:
“This morning I let her walk at in front of the house. At the same time, Din is jogging back & forth from the house to the gate. She pulls my hand to the gate, at 1st I thought she wants to do the same as what Din is doing. Reaching the gate, so I want to turn, but she not allowed. She points her fingers to the end of the road. She wants to have a walk! She doesn’t want to go home. I have no idea, how did she know that?”

2nd day:
“This morning I visited my neighbor who just discharged from the hospital. When we reached the house, her grandkids are playing in the house. Adelea, without feel scared or shame, she joints the kids playing together. She keeps on falling, because she still not stable to walk, and the other kids is bigger than her. When I took her and prevent her from playing, she scold me back!”

“On the way back home, the road is a bit steep. So, I hold her, afraid she might fall down due to the uneven road. But, no! She doesn’t want me to hold her. She wants to walk by herself. She even doesn’t want me to hold her hand!”

That’s Adelea. She always loves to do “things” by herself, love to explore. Maybe, Emak risau I’ll ask a lot why got scar here & there?

So, I tried to calm Emak feeling. I said, let her fall, its ok. Let she learns on her own. When she knows this or that will cause her to fall, then she got cuts, then she feel pain, she’ll stop. Just make sure, Emak put her on long pants, even with a dress. I always provide long pants at taska, never for shorts/underwear.

Some more, Adelea got eczema. So, there are old scars & flames on her body. another scar because she falls down? It brings no harm lah.

Eh….That’s was Emak advice to me last time on “over protective”. Now, Emak pulak yang over-protected. Hehehehe.

Don’t be jealous 6N.


3rd day:
“Din takes her for motor ride. When I want to took her down, she pushes my hands. She knows that I’m going to take her from the motor. She doesn’t want to go off from the motor.”

“She saw Din is ready to go out (my father will go out by motor). Before Din reach the motor, Adelea is already there waiting for Din to bring her for motor ride”

4th day:
“Come back & take your daughter. She too “banyak akal”. She fools me back. She’s not like 1 year old, but looks like already big girl” *say it in a high volume a bit*


5th day:
“It’s ok if you don’t come back this Chinese New Year. Let my granddaughter stay with me”


Hok aloh kak bedah!


  1. kreatif idea cover line yur mom kan. terpinga2 lah kucing tu sbb nama dia naik hahahaha

    1. tulah pasal..tersedak whiskas. hahahaha