Friday, 15 February 2013

talk nice

As you all know, I’m not a book lover. But, I do read. Not buying, but I’ll borrow from my sister. In fact, if I (and we the sisters) want to know something, we will ask her. She can replace google job, I tell you.

I return a book I borrowed from her since 2 years ago. The title is “How to stop worrying & start living” by the famous author Dale Carnegie. I love to read this kind of book rather than book about two young couple met & fall in love, but their parents against their relationship because 1 is rich another is poor, they go through many obstacle in their life, but they still together through thick & thin until they get married at neighboring country, get pregnant then only their parents bless their relationship. Ok, no offense to the fan. Different people have different level of taste. My taste is “boring level” hahaha

I return the book, because I really have no time to read. I wanted to read when I have spare time, but I don’t have spare time. So, when I have spare time & want to continue reading, I'd forget what the book content at the earlier page is. So I re-read from start, so you can imagine how long I will need to complete reading that 1 book.

So I just return to her, but……I borrow another book. Hahaha (this girl never give up).

The book title is “the secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Actually, this is my 2nd time borrow this book. I put the book beside the bed, because I plan to read this before I go to sleep. (The book currently inside the dashboard, because I plan to read while travelling on the road)

Reading this book before sleep really surprise me….because….it helps a lot to put me to sleep. I thought only History Textbook have the power to put people to sleep. *laughing*. Actually, I rarely do this, but that was the only time that I feel the aura of reading is blooming around me, currently.

This book is quiet interesting (despite its power to put me to sleep), earlier topic it mentions about ‘Law of Attraction’. I no need to rewrite again here in my blog, go & get 1 copy for yourself & READ.

I’m not finish read the whole chapter. But I understand 1 thing about law of attraction. It actually “ourself” who attract all those things come into our life, what we think and so on. (but still Allah itu Maha Besar).

The book suggest not thinking about “bad things” anymore, because the more we think about “bad things”, “bad things” will come to us. Same goes to talking. Stop talking on “bad things”.

From now on, only think about good things that we want. Talk only about good things. So, good things will come to our life. Aaahhhhhhhhh *exhale*

In Shaa Allah (if Allah willing). But still, you cannot just sit comfortably, you still have to work for it.

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib suatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa apa yang ada pada diri mereka ”.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Reading this, remind me about a friend of mine - a friend’s friend of a friend - this creature loves to say “cipan cipan cipannnnnn!!” when something bad happen to him/her. Definitely, c**** meaning is not “good things come to me” ho ho ho I can sure that. I’m just afraid, this c**** will come to him/her. The most I’m afraid is, I cannot imagine “what is c****”. Just hope c**** is a bag full of gold bars. Just hope.

So, be careful of what you wish for. Because… might “get it”. creepy? no?

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