Wednesday, 6 March 2013

endless nagging

I’m busy with monthly reporting. I have not come to office for 1 week, many of the journals not yet finalized & posted in. My departments is starting on the job rotation, those who involved is swapping job piece by piece. Days that we normally used to prepare the reporting, we have to use it to learn and teach at the same time. And most of us are suck in teaching. No wonder we are not a teacher! *salute to teachers*

But, we are a fast learner indeed. Teach us about A, we know what is A.1, .2, .3. Teach us about B, we know what F is already. So you can imagine if we were taught about AB, we already know half of this world. No wonder we always be the favorite students during our school. Hahaha.

Definitely, I have a lot to say about Krabi. The hotel, the view, the food, the market, the bargain, the people, the island hoping, the nightlife, the man, the women, ohhhhhh so many. But…..I’m very very very busy guys.

I’m typing this while waiting for the system to log me in. Now is 1 am ++ in the morning. Sigh. Have try more than 10 times, but still fail. I’m more than happy if the login error says this “cannot log in now. Please go to sleep”.

But, nooooooooo……......

The login error says “Failed. Please try again”.

Being obedient and applying ‘Be Efficient Be Effective’, I HAVE to try again and again. Hate being a hardworking person. But, what to do…. I’m born with it. You all know it, don’t you? *devil laugh*

I don’t know who invent this system, and I don’t want to know either. But, I’m pretty sure the inventor is someone who never gives up.

Ok, I’ll try another login.


Click enter button.


Login success!


Ok, night guys. I have reporting to do.

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