Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Krabi, Thailand | Day One

This time around, we bring along Adelea with us. And, it’s totally different from our vacation to Kuching, Sarawak last 2 years. People say it’s not easy to bring a kid on board. They will feel uncomfortable and show some uncontrollable behavior. The keyword here is ‘comfort’, and I start to calculate what is equivalent to comfort. Not hungry, no wet diaper, not dark = comfort = she’ll not be that fussy.

I hope my calculation is right.

Not hungry
We book the 1st flight of that day and the departure time is the time she normally wakes up in the morning and immediately wants her milk. You know that mineral water is prohibited to bring into the airplane? But still, I think, we can ask from the cabin crew. But, no. I don’t want such mess. Especially when she wants her milk so badly, at the very time we need to be at our seat and….seat belt fastened!

 So, 45 minutes before departure I give her milk, so she’ll not feel hungry on the board and I don’t have to think about such mess.

No wet diaper
Definitely, I have changed her diaper before boarding. But….Adelea has a routine, whereby she’ll ‘discharge feces’ 10 to 15 minutes after drinking milk in the morning. Never missed so far (not sure if we sent her to Taska early in the morning). Normally, she takes around 7 minutes to finish 5oz of milk, so, still have time to clean her up. I have nothing to worry about.

But, the flight calls for boarding 30 minutes earlier than departure.

This is where I start to worry – extremely – and start to think of “what should I do if………”?

I have 2 options:
1 – Pretend that I don’t smell anything and deny the smell from Adelea. Annoying!
2 – Just clean her up in the airplane. Which I don’t want!

“What should I do if……..”?
Hope the air pressure can help to hold that process until we touchdown or until we reach the hotel.

I don’t know how come I can think like that. But, that really make me feel relief.

And somehow, she’s clean until we reach hotel.

Is the air pressure really related to that process?

Not dark
Of course!

Because we are at the back seat, we are among the last passengers to reach the immigration check out. So lazy to line up, so we just lounging around that area and let Adelea do ‘whatever she wants’.

Our plan for 1st day is surveying – the area, the market, the bargain system (of course), the restaurant and so on. We reach the hotel very early also, because we have made a booking for the taxi.

On the way to the taxi parking, we passed through the bus stop and saw many people line up to get into the bus. We look at each other and start to say “it’s more fun if we take the bus”, “wait for Adelea is bigger a bit”. That.

It’s more adventurous definitely and sightseeing is more fun.

But still we try to make it a fun time travelling by taxi. Keep looking outside and just cannot wait to say “look look very nice” “wahhhhhhhh” “hurry hurry take picture of the funny words” “upload in the Facebook”. You know….the excitement when we were in Bali.

But, guess what. Words are all in Thailand, and we are at the main road of the small town.

Laugh at ourself.

About the hotel, we made the booking through Groupon Voucher. This is our 1st time booking through Groupon, and we have to admit, we not really know the terms & conditions are, what we know are the price is cheap. (you want adventure so much right? So…read less) The Groupon voucher value is <>THB4, 000 for 4 days 3 nights, free breakfast and free 4 island hopping for 2 persons. That is cheap. Because of our negligence, we have to pay extra THB4, 500 for the hotel on the surcharge of the peak season. I don’t even know that time is peak season or not *frown 1 eyebrow*. With this additional surcharge, we actually have paid double.

Again, we know it’s our fault. Look, this is our 1st time, even they printed in Malay, I still don’t know what “fine print” is all about. And, we just console each other “relax….it’s ok. At least we already know about this and be more careful in future”.

Yeah…at least we have something “adventure” or “spontaneous” elements in this trip.

Sad news – all the souvenirs are shrinking in value to keychain and fridge magnet.

After the additional surcharge, I recalculate the price per night. It has become <>THB2, 833 = <>RM280. For me, that is no more cheap. So, booking from Groupon or not, it doesn’t help at all.

Because of that stupid surcharge also, the vacation mood has swing away to nowhere. The room is not ready, we can only check-in on 12 noon. So, the plan to “survey” is cancelled. We just lounging around at the lobby area, lucky they have free Wifi. Otherwise………

At the site of the lobby, there is 1 room full with toys and 2 book shelves. I almost jump, when I saw Sophie Kinsella book.


It was in Thailand.

So, I put back the book, and just watching in boredom at Adelea who busy playing the Lego. At least she can forget that she only drink the milk for her breakfast. At the same time, I rush Asan to go to mini market nearby to buy some breads or biscuits

We not manage to buy bread as our food supply during our stay here. So, we have nothing to feed her. So, learn from our mistake – smuggle some bread. You won’t find Gardenia bread there.

HELP!!!!! We are bored and we are hungry to death!

I cannot even read my own blog!

The room is moderately nice. It’s big, but no bath tub, the light bulb at dressing table was burn out second time we switched it on, giving a romantic effect to the room. Ok lah. But still, I regret on the additional price, eventhough they give us upgrade. No, I don’t want upgrade. I want my THB4, 500 back.

1 thing that I want the most when I set foot in Thailand is I want to have their TomYam dish which is very famous for it’s very spicy and very tasty. End up, we have our dinner at this restaurant……

While we busy acting like we are USD100Million tourist (but we forgot to put on our Mat Salleh mask), we were greeted by a restaurant promoter standing at the roadside. Looks like he’s from India/Bangladesh/Sri Lanka (don’t know), and he was very good to us. Telling us they served the best Tomyam, they can give us discount up to 20%, and they served kids meal for free – white rice & omelet. That’s kind.

He ushered us to his restaurant, which located a bit further from the main road. Reaching the restaurant….crappppp! looks like a Mamak Restaurant. When we went into the restaurant, all the waiter is looks alike. Confirm mesti macam Kedai Mamak. But, the promoter told us that the cook is a local, so, ok, I have thrown away all the bad perception and thinking of the Halal & the discount & free kids meal, well…it’s no harm to try.

When we get our food – it is Kedai Mamak. No doubt!

The area nearby the restaurant.

Well, Krabi is well-known with its vibrant nightlife, numerous bars and clubs, the people the tourist. And we just can’t wait for the night to come to see by ourself how the nightlife is. What they call it again? Vibrant nightlife? Oh it’s so true.

We went back to hotel earlier that night. Recharging ourself for 4 islands hopping tomorrow.

Good night Krabi. Good Night Malaysia. We missed you. But we don’t want to go back just yet.

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