Monday, 8 April 2013

ahli musik

This is for Adelea’s friend at Taska. But, when I want to wrap them, I saw the drum was damage. I don’t know how come it was damage, because I have check before I make the payment, and the drum was in good condition. Must be something else fell on it in the car, because we did buy heavy things also that day. Seems like the boy will only get “salam keruk” from me la.

I didn’t throw the drum, I fixed it, put the adhesive on the damage part and now…ini drum adelea sofea yang punya. A mother is a creative creature, naturally. (no doubt).

I really want to give the boy a drum, so, I go out again and find another drum. Hopefully, the boy likes it.

The other 1 is for his sister.

I can’t make it to their birthday party, thought of leaving it at Taska, so the caretaker can give to them, but, we have sent Adelea for “balik kampung” for few weeks. Ermmmm…so, have to wait until Adelea come back.

Adelea? she’s got a bicycle. Tak payah share-share dengan cousins. yippieee...!

p/s: about the word "share-share", i know it's wrong. don't have to hate me and make me your subject for your english grammar concern. but, for other words, yes please correct it. thank you.

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