Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oh no.......

Oh no….

Yaa….that’s the 1st word when I re-check my blog just now. So sunyi.

This month is a busy month. Since the rotation, and I just not certain when all these busy-ness will go. Hate it when I have to work late. I missed my routine – reach office @ dot dot a.m, and go home @ dot dot p.m. Now…reach office @ dot dot a.m, go home 2 3 hours after dot dot, p.m. And bring home office works some more.

I never rate overtime as hardworking or efficient. Never! When all these times I keep on working late, some of my colleagues said this to me “Wahhhhh so hardworking. The boss must love you so much, because you always willing to work late to finish your job”. She said this to joke la…

I said back “no…I’m not hardworking. I’m just being inefficient. If I were a boss, the 1st person I’ll fire is those who work late to finish job. I’m in the midst of lifting up my gear to keep me back on track – reach office @ dot dot a.m, and go home @ dot dot p.m”.

And I said that with not laugh at the end of my words. Hahaha…….don’t joke on something stupid in front of me.

It’s a lie if I say I don’t have spare time. I have, but the time is limited to some stuff.

1st – I have this sewing project for my best friend, until now 45% completed. I’m so happy looking back at the 45% that have completed. I can just sit do nothing but stare at them until I feel sleepy or I just realize I haven’t collect the money at Dragonvale or completed goals at Paradise Cove, and now, new addiction – Candy Crush Saga.

I have restrained myself from download that apps. But, I just can’t…..

How can I restrained, if the repeated topic at our Family Group Chat is about “Ticket please”, “Nyawa please”, and sometimes “nyawa nyawa nyawa”. Sometimes, they said like this "Those who play Candy Crush only will know what we talking about" when we who don't play that, ask what are they talking about?? See. They mocking on me. So, I download the Apps, to prove to them, I'm not that not-up-to-date. Last time, when Dragonvale is so famous among us, we keep on talking about Dragons. And if got new dragon in the edition, each of us will remind each other. We are so fanatic to the dragons. One of our nephews called us – his aunties – Dragonezzz. Huh! How cool is that? Sometimes, we say like this "Yo Dragonerzzzzzz.....what up Yo! (I lied) The head of course my eldest sister. Who else?

(Definitely, I’ll let Adelea play with all sorts of games… what???....I just learn from my parents’ mistake…hahaha)

Before the Dragon (or same time with Dragon), we was addicted to Temple Run. Highest score is 9 million++. Can you imagine? You know who hold that crown? Our youngest niece (no more youngest – Adelea has seized that title).

2nd – I have many games to complete. Ok….have told everything above.

3rd – I have office work to finish

4th – I have CSI to watch.

So, you know it’s not easy to juggle my time with all that. But, as what I’ve mentioned just now, I’m lifting up my gear. So, when everything back to normal, the number 3rd will be replaced with writing entry for blog. No.1, 2 & 4 is not allowed to change, for the time being.

Ok, till then…..bye….

(Wonder why I got time to write for this entry? because, just now, the system failed to log me in. now, can already. So, I have to go now. The inefficient just call me to finish the office works, and I just can’t say NO)

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