Monday, 1 April 2013

Sewing Project – introduction

My 1st sewing project is specially dedicated to my best friend – Suzi. I’m not telling here what it is, until she received it. For the time being, you may guess as many times as you want.

I’ve got a perfect fabric for her. I texted her to get the ‘measurement’ although I’ve got the feeling I won’t get it.

How do I know??

I told you she’s my best friend. And a best friend knows best of her best friend. Am I right?

We are like sisters. So, I can never scold her when she failed to provide for me the measurement.


*sigh* suzi suzi *cakap sambil geleng kepala*.

Ok, I’ll just use MY measurement.

Suzi’s favourite color is green. I don’t know if she has change favourite to other colour and I never check with her. Heyyy….this is what we call ‘a good best friend’. Because, ‘a good best friend’ will never questions her best friend why her favourite is this & that. Ha ha ha.

But, I’m kind of person who give present based on what I like. Reason being, we don’t know what other person like, but we know what we like very well, right? So no need to headache so much, just gives someone based on what we like. Some more, when we give based on what we like, meaning, it has value to us, and we are giving something that has value. See….the symbolic?

*don’t make your life difficult* this is what I mean.

My favourite colour currently is white for the background. I fall in love 1st time I saw this fabric, and I know it just perfect for Suzi. Few weeks after that (hahaha few weeks ya….), I start to draw the measurement.

Few days after that, I start the cutting. Initially, I thought it’ll be easy. I just want to sew something simple, in this context is straight stitches, how difficult it’ll be, right? But, I was totally wrong. I keep on lay down the fabric, draw remark, lay down again, draw remark again, lay down again……..*sampai peluh-peluh jugaklah*

Few days after that, I start the sewing. It took me about 15 minutes staring blankly at the notebook on how to winding the bobbin. Trying to recall what the instructor & the sales person taught me…..

I mentioned before I’m a fast learner right? Not a big deal.

And….the sewing begins…….


 My friend, if you read this, just take note, it is 40% completed. Do not bother about the measurement, my cutting is widely used. Ha ha ha . And…keep “what is this” between you & me ya. Love you friend.

(Suzi might be fainted when I say “love you” to her. But, since Asan’s friend passed away, recently, I just learn, we should tell our friend that we love them so much. Not only to friend, we must do the same to our parents, family, to our husband/wife, to our kids, siblings, to our girlfriend(s)/boyfriend, to our X-girlfriend/X-boyfriend *tapi kena cakap duluuuuu di akhir perkataan I love you-wajib*. So, what are you waiting for?? Go and say I love you to your loved ones. Say it in earnest...…before…it was too late)

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