Monday, 20 May 2013

Money is important

“It has become our practice, to reward those who are success…..however, it has create money-making culture…..”You give me good pay, then I’ll think how to success”…..I feel offended with this way of thinking…..we cannot measure our own improvement with money……………………………….”


This is what I can recall when ‘a man’ told this in front of us.

Somehow, he is almost right, because, money is not the right yardstick to measure our improvement, our ability, weaknesses or strength.

How can we say “no money no improvement”? Or “no reward no improvement”? Whereas we are the one who are responsible for our own success.

But, I don’t agree with him 100% also. Ok, maybe his scope is limited to the office job. Then, I think his way of thinking is acceptable logically. Well, as the head, we need to think of something to boost motivation as well as efficiency among the employees, especially during the year that the company not well performing. Turnover is high during year of no bonus.

At the end of his speech, he said in enthusiasm “give yourself a big clap for not being a money-making person”. (Because we still there and our resignation letter still in the drawer) And everybody give their loudest clap. Not sure, because they are motivated with the speech or they just being sarcastic.


Still in the improvement mood.

For me, self-improvement is important, as well as money/reward, they must come together. Learning is everyday process that is why we have to keep learning, everyday. As well as self-improvement, it cannot stop at 1 point. It should be improved (constantly) at least 1 step higher from previous point.

Take example of myself. I’m working in a private sector in Finance Department. I cannot be doing the same job for 2 @ 3 years. My knowledge & skills did not grow. It’s not good to me. Improved not only because of the company requirement, I have to constantly improve to ensure I’m not left behind and it’s for my own good. I don’t want to work in ‘fixed wages’ until retire (unless Allah has plan that for me)………………..

I’ve been working for almost 6 years now. And thank Allah, I’ve learn a lot about accounting. On top of that, I learned other things also, such as communication, way of handling people, managing time, decision making and a lot more.

Some people are not easy to deal with. Their attitude sometimes really will make the monster inside me want to go out and munch them to pieces. Fighting back is the worst way and not professional. But, standing up for your right is a must. Bear that in mind.

It’s not easy to win everybody’s heart. It makes my life terrible also. So, just be myself. I want people to respect me, regardless of my position or regardless of who I am in this world. So, I must respect other people first. I ask politely, people will ask politely from me also. I teach you everything I know, you also have to teach everything you know.

You give me good cooperation, I’ll re-pay with better cooperation. But, if you give me shit, I’ll give you more shit. Hah!

It’s not that I am a vindictive, just that, sometimes we have to teach the bullies….a bit. Sometimes we will look incompatible because we cannot finish our work because we have so much work which is not our work but we think it was our work. Working world is fun but it can be mean sometime. Watch out!

Recently, I volunteer myself to be the organizer for my company annual training. This is my 1st time, and my senior who guides me is perfectionist. She is very meticulous, her eyes are very sharp, when she checks my email, she will find out many small mistakes inside. (for me, that small mistakes is not a mistake…hahahaha).

But, it’s good for me. Actually, that small-small mistake will make people value me of how I am. *whispering**Ooooppppsss……that’s my sister told me**

Small is big. Don’t play-play.

So, whatever we did, just don’t stop learning, and don’t stop to improving. Everyday is a new day, we will have chances to learn new things everyday. If you want more money, go and work for it. Don’t wait for BR1M. Please.

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