Saturday, 29 June 2013

A proper gait

Having children soon after marriage is not included in my to-do-list actually, but neither have we gone for family planning* just take some pre-caution step. For the time being (last time before the pregnancy), we leave it to Allah S.W.T. When we found out I was pregnant, we were a bit surprised because we can feel that we are not ready, from all angles. None of us know how to raise a child.

But, Allah S.W.T truly is Al-Razz√£q (the provider), 2 months after we married, I was confirmed pregnant. I can’t believe my eyes when I saw the blue lines emerged slowly and become a complete 2 lines on the pregnancy test. After we went to the 1st ultrasound, because I had bleeding, then I saw her……..speechless. Can I talk to her now? I want to say sorry for not being super duper happy the 1st time I know I was pregnant.

Allah Maha Pencipta.

And when she was born, a promise made that we will be a good parents to her. Will take care of her and love her with all of our heart. We will be her idol.

So, here she is now, turning 2 this coming October.

And the more she grows up, the more I’m worried thinking of how I am going to raise my daughter to be a good girl and faithful to Allah S.W.T. How?

How to teach her to discern between good & bad? How to ensure that she will choose the good over the bad? How to tell her and make her believes that we are Muslims who worship the only one Allah S.W.T.?

Reminded the time when I was a kid, I did cheat my parents when they ask about my prayer. Whether I simply say yes, or I just take the wudhu’ and get into the room and lock the door. Then go out of the room feeling blessed because I have performed my prayer. But, actually not. I just sit silently in the room pretending I’m performing the prayer. I thought I cheated my parents, but now I realised I’m not cheated on them, I cheated on myself. Please Allah, don’t test me with daughter(s) like myself. *Crying*

How to tell her that we are a girl and a girl whole body is Aurat that we should cover. How to instil the love to don a hijab, and not feel lag behind and not feel confined to be fashionable.

Woman – we love to be pretty & nice looking as much as how man love to see pretty & nice looking woman. The feeling is the same. The desire is the same. Please don’t restrict us to put on make-up. And woman, please never say your husband love your oily face, you also will not feel comfortable to see your husband oily face. Yes, you love him, and you accept him as what he is, but tell me if possible you also want a clean husband, right?? Right??

Being parents is not easy, well…at least for me. Our child is our responsibility. How we going to shape them is all depends on how we nurture them and also their characteristic. And when they not turn to what we want them to be, what should we do?

After a long thinking, reading (a little..hehe), I found out that, it starts from us-parent. We should ensure we performed complete 5 prayers a day, recite al-Quran, fasting, cover the aurat, watch out our behaviour & speech and other good things. We should be the example to our kid…right? Or you all already know about this?

Fine….! You never tell me!

But, if they not turn to be as what we wanted, advise them more & more, but whatever happens next, we leave it to Allah S.W.T. Because, we as parents we have do our best to ensure they being a good person to him/herself, family, the community, race, religion and the country.

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