Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Candy Blue

I don’t know…..but……I think I have changed my favourite colour from low light to bright. I saw my wardrobe looks more cheerful with colourful clothing. I even looked more cheerful I guess. Hahaha.

Actually, I like to dress the same colour with Adelea. I know, not everyone like to wear the same colour with their loved ones, I used to think like that also. But, still in my family we will set colour theme for Hari Raya. It’s not about the prettiest colour, but the story behind it, how we decide the colour, then each of us will share how we try to find the colour, at the end they say ‘it’s dark green’, eventhough our eyes saw it as ‘dark brown’.

Full of laughter.

Many of my siblings have been married, and they have their own family theme. So the story is a bit different. We fight over colours. Hehehehe. One say, their theme is blue, and the other one will say, their theme is also blue, and they already bought the fabric (Eventhough they have not bought yet). The other will say, they already sent to tailor (Eventhough they also have not bought yet).

At the end, none of us wear blue.

Full of laughter.

It’s true – Family is the most valuable, most precious we ever have. No exchange of equal value. Love them, appreciate them. 

Eh?? Love your family in-law too, hoccay!


  1. Wah colour blocking gitu..kite pun suka gak..tp x berapa nk berani

    1. try dulu muzai...lepas tu pasti nak pakai orange + purple...gituuu...