Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cloud 9

In my last entry about my 2nd sewing project, I did mention that I’ll update about that soon. Apparently, things are not happen as planned. Busy busy busy busy………

Sheeesshh! Alhamdulillah….not complaining!

Still, I spare some times to continue the project, piece by piece.

Lot of Love Thank You to my husband who helps to look after Adelea while I’m in the ‘Sewing Lab’.

This is the 1st attempt and of course 1st success. Note: every attempt is never a failure.

The fabric is chiffon, aaannnd…. it was super duper difficult to cut it. I knewwww it the moment I feel the fabric, but it was intercept by another thought “aaahhhhh…how difficult it will be?! Cutting will be easy..buy buy that fabric”….duhhhhhhh……

I properly do the measurement & Alhamdulillah, I managed to cut the fabric according to it. But, I tell you, it really difficult!! Long story short, I bought 4 fabrics & herewith the result.

1st fabric – it’s too tight. I don’t know where goes wrong, because I’m really sure I have cut it accordingly to measurement – post to dustbin.

2nd fabric – Alhamdulillah, 2nd time is easier. Butttttt…….I made mistake at 1 part, and I don’t know how to fix it, so – post to dustbin.

3rd fabric – Alhamdulillah, this time I do “ok” at the part I made mistake before. But…..I made mistake at another part, but, that part is easy to fix.

4th fabric – not touch yet. Wait!

Seriously, I do feel tired & de-motivated when it’s not turn as what I had planned. That time, I really gobble down all the Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Chipsmore cookies and even the 10 cents chocolate (this for Adelea actually) all kind of chocolate lah I have in the fridge. Why on earth it is difficult?!!

But, it doesn’t take so long. The next day, I already feel ok, and continue the work.

The often I feel tired & de-motivated, the more I feel – I want to improve. I realized, not all people know how to do things the 1st time they do. Nobody forced me to do this, I’m the one who find the initiative to start, because I want to do this since I was kid, but I never get proper exposure.

I was so lucky my parents really emphasize us to further study to the highest level we could. I tell you, if my parents expose me to what I want, wowwww…..I know where I ended up to. Not saying it’s not good, it will be very good, if I do it properly. I can be billionaire. Ok, maybe not. Maybe I can be millionaire.


Ah….forget the past. And for now, I just love what I have now. I have so much to be grateful on what I have compared to what I could have. And this sewing thing is my interest that I’ve been dreaming long time ago, and now is the time for me to live in my dream, but still grounded by accounting. Of course!

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