Friday, 7 June 2013

Memory of bedsheet cover

Do you ever feel this feeling – when you touch or see something, it will bring you back to the memory that you have with that thing. I have. A lot!

One of it is my bedding & comforter set. It was for my wedding bed actually, but I don’t like the normal wedding bedding cover that is so shiny until you have to wear sunglasess when you enter the bride’s room, got free crackle sound everytime you move your body on the bed, and the colour set is not pretty. At all!

I want my wedding bedding cover and the room looks like a normal room. I don’t know….I just don’t like the idea of decorating my room to ‘wedding theme’ when we got married. When people get into my room, I prefer they say “wahhhhh…your room decoration is soooooo nice & pretty” rather than “wahhhhh….your room is soooo nice & pretty decorated with all wedding theme……bla bla bla…”

It doesn’t look have different….I know.

My idea is, I’ll buy a plain comforter set, then for bedding I’ll buy plain cotton with very minimal print on it and ask my mother to do some magic to turn it into bedding cover. (I ask her to sew that). Including the pillow cases.

My mother was totally against me when I told her about my idea. She even asks me if I need more money to buy a nicer look bedding cover, because she afraid the reason I do that because I don’t have enough money.

I said “Emak, the comforter set cost me RM499. And it’s Aussino”.

When I show to her the comforter set (its dark brown with shiny printed),

My mother said “Kain buruk An lagi lawa” (my rags looks prettier)

*An = the nickname she call herself

But, still the next day we went out to town to buy the plain cotton for her to turn that into bedding cover. Mother being mother, even she doesn’t agree, she will still do it, because she knows her daughter likes it.

*Malanglah sapa-sapa yang derhaka kat mak kan. Lagi2 sebab perempuan yang sikit lagi nak menyerupai mak tiri Snow White. Eh…..lawa tu*

So…..that’s it. My room look really SIMPLE, and I AM very SATISFIED with that.

 I take the bedding & comforter set to my new house, reason being the bed at new house is King Size, and most of the bedding set that I got for wedding gift is Queen Size. The bed at my hometown is Queen, so just change la. No need to waste buying more bedding covers.

Everytime I washed the bedding and comforter set, and fold it when it has dry, I’ll always remember this. How my mother not agrees, how I convince her that’s what I want and she should be happy for that…..those stuff…..

I love my mother.

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