Monday, 24 June 2013

Oh My Rambutan!!

I want to eat rambutan. NOW!

I am really craving for Rambutan right now. Blame the neighbour department.


After lunch, as usual, I’ll make a visit to the toilet. Refresh. I’ll pass by my neighbour department, aaaaaannnd……I saw an orange plastic on their cabinet. Instead of I go straight to the toilet, my legs make a right turn and straight to that orange plastic. I was in front of that plastic and I saw lots of Rambutan inside.

Then I ask “whose Rambutan is this?”

Before I can finish that question, my hand already picks one and twists it to peel the skin.

“It’s mine…just take”

And before my colleague finishes that, it was already in my mouth.

“Oh thanks. Where did you buy this? It’s sweet and nice”

My hand takes another 1, twist it and…nommm”

“There… (&^%*&.”

“Eh? very near from my place. I can go by this weekend”

My hand takes another 1, twist it and…nommm”

“You have to hurry. Not many left”

“Really… much is this?”

Take another one.

“Very cheap….RM10 for 3 kilos”

“wahhhh…that’s cheap. Ok, I’ll go by this weekend”

Take another 1.

“Ah ok….i need to go to the toilet now. Thanks for the Rambutan”

Take another 2.


I tell you, I can finish the whole plastic. 


  1. Hahaha.... x malu!!! :) banglong cakap, kat kampung buat 'locot' ayam je... kihkihkih.

    1. janji daku dapat makan rambutan - free. hehehe

      locot bende?

    2. aje.....masuk kamus sanskrit ke apa tu?