Thursday, 18 July 2013

Choking on food:what to do?

I don’t know how to start, but it happened to me last week, while we having our Buka Puasa at a Restaurant. Not me, but it happened to Adelea.

She sits beside me in the baby-chair, having her meal by herself. She insists. So I put about 2 3 spoons of rice and……green vegetable in her plate. Nak buat macam mana, mak bijak sangat kan????

I heard she coughs, but she already having cough for few days, so I thought she just cough, some more the cough sound is mild. Until my friend shout “eh tercekik (choked)”. Immediately I look at Adelea, her face already turns red!!

Quickly, I grab her to take her out from the baby-chair, and that very critical moment, her slipper stuck at the baby-chair that make me difficult to pull her out from the baby-chair!!!! GGRRRRRR!!!!

Actually, I’m not really known what I’m going to do, to be exact; I don’t know what to do. People around us try to help, instruct us to do this and that, I hear sounds but my brain fails to translate any of them. Then I hear “ROS!!! TONGGENGKAN DIA!!!!!!!!! (put her facing downward)” that’s Asan. He shouted at me.

I turn her over, facing downward (my way) and tap her back while Asan ready to dig out her mouth. (This is wrong guys! Don’t follow) She still coughs and spit out whatever things in her mouth. Then I saw a green thingy came out from her mouth. And yes ladies and gentleman, that’s the vegetable that I gave her just now. From now on, I declare WAR to green vegetables!!

They suppose to make people healthy right? But it turns out they can be the medium to kill too. I don’t care. WAR is WAR! *pull up sleeves*

I take her to the ladies to wash her face, she still cough. Probably still feel the pain from choking. I’m sorry baby.

While in the ladies, I keep thinking, what if I’m alone facing that situation? What should I do? I never thought such situation will happen to us. This is just this. What about other situation? I never think and prepare myself to be in that situation or any other critical situation.

At the same time, I also think ‘Asan sure will scold me for that damn vegetable’. Erghhhhh!! Sure kena punya. I should think what I should do to avoid him raised up that vege issue on the way back home.

Ho ho ho…I have to think about that 1st – and fast! Later when we safely reach home, only think about surfing the internet and google anything about “chocking”. THINK ros THINK. Safe yourself.


Unlike me, those who already prepare yourself, in case you face that kind of situation or any other critical situation that need immediate attention (minta dijauhkan), hats off to you. Bravo! I surf the internet to find out the steps and guidelines of what to do when baby is choked on food. There are many websites offering that, and from my readings, the content is almost the same, but I think giving the most understandable amongst all.

To have more understanding, do check out the website.

Here is the summary for children 12 months and older:

Step 1: Assess the situation quickly – example suddenly unable to cry, cough or speak.

It’s really a good lesson to me to give attention to Adelea when she makes noises. It’s so wrong I take for granted for not looking at her because I thought she just cough.

Step 2: Try to dislodge the object with back blows and abdominal thrusts.
It’s a bit difficult to summarize, so you just read that article in Somehow, back blows and abdominal trusts is like this

Last time in my previous company, there is a short course on CPR. The doctor in house demonstrates on back blows for baby below 1 year old. That time, I joint the course, because I just want to take fresh air other than numbers (senang cerita malas kerja), but now, it’s really important to know all that techniques to avoid…ermmmm…..i refuse to say that word.

If you read more, the website will brings you to other information and steps, CPR and so on. So please read, for your own good. For your own child good.

I’ve got my lesson………the hard way.

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