Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Early walkers, late talkers?

Is this true?

Adelea is almost 2 years old now. 1 thing that I’m worry about her now is, she still not talking----much. It’s not like she’s not talking at all, she talks but words that come out from her mouth are bye ayer baba mama tata dada tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap ………….

Some advice I got, those kid who early walking, late talking. And yes, Adelea is early walker. She starts to walk before she turns to 1 year old. When my niece posted her walking video to our family whatsapp group, I’m so excited. So so so so excited. At least we don’t have to hold her often. Hehe.

Yaaaa…I was happy that time. Now I’m worry to death because I keep think “is she……? No no no no. not a chance.

I do some researches by asking my colleagues on their experience on when their kid start to walk and talk. And most of their kid development agreed to this phrase. I surf the internet also and found some related articles agreed to this phrase, but I believe all that are based on statistic. So, I cannot rely on that articles 100% and cannot feel relived 100% also.

However…….*drum roll*…..eventually, I found out she starts to imitate when we try to talk to her.

1st event:
I’m hanging out the damp clothes outside the house. While taking 1 of the clothes from the basket, without noticing I have drop 1 clothe. She realizes it and tries to tell me (in her language) and show me the dropped clothe. When I saw the dropped clothe, I say “oh jatuh (drop)”, then she follows with “cuhhhh”.

Ya ya I know, cuhhhh and jatuh is different, but at least the vocal sound is correct. ha ha.

2nd event:
I ran out of the house because it’s going to rain, without wearing my shoe. She saw me went out without my shoe, and she said “shuuuuu shuuuuuu”. Because, everytime we want to step out from the house, we will always say to her “shoe”.

3rd event:
Yesterday, inside our car she saw a dog running. She points her finger towards the dog and makes some noise. I saw it and say “anjing (dog)”, then she follows with “chenggggg”.

4th event:
She saw group of bird (crow), doing the same as when she saw the dog, then I say “bird” then she follows with “berb”.

He he he…ok lah kan. She shows some good progressive.

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