Friday, 16 August 2013

Aidilfitri 2013 – husband side

Early in the morning, we take a move to my in-law house. Instead of using main road, Asan decided to take a “short-cut” road. Eventhough it is Kampung road, but the condition is quiet ok. On the way, we bumped into a lorry carrying a tree. A full tree. We was *jar to the floor* what???? A tree???

Then we conclude, maybe they want to transfer the tree to somewhere else. A better place perhaps. But still….what??? a tree???

Since that lorry is too slow, we drive past the lorry.

But…after passing through few junctions and villages, we bumped into that lorry again.

I was the 1st one who said “eh Yang, that was the lorry with the tree again”.

But, Asan convinced me that the lorry is using another short-cut. He said it excitedly, maybe he thought he can ask the lorry driver which path he used just now.

But, you know what I’m thinking?

That Ramadhan has left us. All the hantu syaitan has come back to interfere & mislead the human being…..?!

Make sense right? no?

Ah….forget about that lorry. We should be afraid of 1 and only Allah S.W.T.

1st destination is my father-in-law relatives. 3 of his father’s brothers live side by side, so, it’s quiet saving the time, we don’t have to travel so far from 1 house to another.

Then we rush to his grandparent’s house, because that night we have reception of his cousin, who just returned from Germany.

 It’s been a long time of me attending a wedding which have Joget lambak, all his cousins siblings are so sporting dance together. Such a strong relationship I can see. I love that.

 And Adelea is also stunned watching the Joget Lambak.

The next day, is fruit day. Now is the season of fruits at his grandparent’s village. My SIL & I, we go to pluck the rambutan ourself. My husband family & their kebun is my family & kebun also right?

My motto is easy = shy means no rambutan no durian. Hehehe. So put away all the shy feeling, and let’s jump to pluck the rambutan.

That evening, we take a move back to Klang, with 2 containers of durian and a plastic of rambutan. We left Adelea with my parents in law.

Hurmmmm…..missed her already.


  1. rindu bdk comel nih. mya also missed her so much. sometimes mya sebut nama dia. tanya mana adelea sofea ;-)...jemput dtg umah beraya plzzzz. no.55 lorong E

    1. Insya-Allah kak kalau Ada kelapangan...