Thursday, 15 August 2013

Aidilfitri 2013 – wife side

This year, we celebrate Aidilfitri at my hometown 1st. Alhamdulillah, we don’t have this “my family 1st then your family” argument. So far, we are able to adopt the practice of balik kampung rotation in peace. Seriously, the environment is almost the same. The only different is I’ll turn from a loud & talkative girl when I was at my hometown to a quiet girl when I was at my in-law hometown.

I think, everyone is the same, no?

As usual, bathroom fight is always be the 1st occasion on Raya morning. There are 3 bathrooms to be used by 20 of us, but only 1 bathroom being our favourite. Most of us willing to wait for our turn and being scolded for being late to the mosque rather than using the other 2 bathrooms, except my parents. Don’t know what disease we suffer until we don’t want to use the other 2 bathrooms. The only way to cut the line is by giving excuse “I’m going to have big business, please let me go in 1st”. And show some serious face that that thing is almost out!!! Gross!

Oooppppsss…..i just revealed my husband secret. Hehehehe.

At my hometown, after Raya Prayer, they will visit the village folks who invite them for Marhaban. They will recite Dua and Selawat to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Each house will be serving variety of delicious food. As for my house, other than the Rendang, Nasi Impit, and lemang we also serve our mother signature expertise – tapai pulut. Most of the village folks like it and always wait for it, but not her kids. We know it tasty, but we not really fancy tapai pulut. But, always ask for it when none left.

Actually, we planned for barbecue that night, but 1 of the village folks held a kenduri, so that plan is cancelled. After the marhaban, 2nd occasion is family photo session. This…I don’t know what to say. There’s always “cepat cepat cepat” and shouting everywhere. If I were the neighbour, I’ll feel so annoyed, but…without that shouting & laugh and overloud voice, it’ll be no fun. So neighbour, bear with us until forever. *blow hair*

That evening, after the family photo session, we visit my father relatives until late night. So happy to see them all and…of course…burp…kenyang. Alhamdulillah. All my aunts are a great cook. No doubt.

The next day we visit my mother relatives. The must-visit is my atuk saudara, because he always serves foods like he held kenduri, and heard it lasted for few days. Alhamdullillah. May Allah S.W.T grant you and your family with more and more rezeki. Amin.

Next destination is my late maternal grandparents’ grave. Since the beginning, I said I want to visit their grave. It’s been many years from my last visit (I can’t remember when was my last visit).

At my grandmother’s grave I said this inside my heart “Wan, dau minta maaf, dau jarang doa untuk Wan. Insya-Allah kalau dau ingat lepas ni, dau akan doakan untuk Wan. Semoga Wan tenang” Al-Fatihah.

(Wan, I’m sorry for not pray for you often. God willing, after this everytime I remember you, I’ll pray for you)

At my grandfather’s grave, I said this “Atuk, tadi dau niat akan doa untuk Wan, dau akan buat yang sama untuk atuk. Walaupun atuk mungkin tak ingat dau………


…………dau tak pernah dengar atuk panggil dau ni “dau”, jadi dau rasa atuk memang tak ingat dau. Tapi, takpe, dau tetap doakan untuk atuk” Al-Fatihah.

(Atuk, just now I intend to pray more often for Wan, I’ll do the same for you, eventhough you might not remember me as your grandchild when you was still alive………….paused……… I cannot recall you call me as “dau”, but I’ll still pray for you).

*no tears*

Then, we visit other relatives’ house until late night. It’ was tiring, but of course...burp. hehehe.

We passed through my maternal grandparents’ house. It looks old and unkempt. All my uncles & aunts have left for town, and only one of my uncle look after it occasionally. I guess its part of life. it’s been many years since both of them passed away, no rambutan, no durian, no free ice-cream, no buffalo, no pasar rabu, no siput sedut………..

Next day – heading to my in-law house. see you later.

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