Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dealing with insult

One day, as usual I pick up Adelea at her (new) nursery. Reaching the grill door, I was greeted by the kids (who patiently waiting for their parents to pick them up) and each of them, without being asked & bribed, told me today’s news about Adelea;

“tadi Adelea *^%$......(*&%#%@”

“a’ah dia (&*&^&^_........”

“dia tidur lepas tu dia ^$#*@). Lepas tu dia $@*^#)”

I was shocked. Again?? This is not the 1st time.

The caretaker (the nursery’s owner daughter) approached me & told me the whole story:

“bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla”

Ok, now I’m confused & a bit angry.

I have the solution to that. But what disturbing me right now is ….what really happen to Adelea that time? I mean, look… was not something that can be proud of to be remembered. Definitely!!

I keep imagining, the kids who saw that must be mocking her. Poor Adelea doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps she just crying. What if she remembered that, then she will feel ashamed & refuse to mingle with other kids after this?

If she doesn’t remember that, but other kids remember that, then they enter the same school. Oh mannnnnnn! I really don’t want that thing happen again.

I don’t want to be too emotional. But, she’s my daughter. I’ll do anything to ensure she have a smooth path in her life.

I wish I can get the device in Men in Black movie to make people forget. What was that device? I need that!!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Hehe...yeke...alamak kena olah ni...

      Ada something happen kat dia,xdelah teruk tapi sesuatu yang mungkin memalukan aku terbayangkan budak2 mengata dia,walaupun mungkin xde sapa mengata dia.lepas tu kalau dah besar budak2 Taska tu 1 sekolah dia,asyik mengata dia ke...walaupun mungkin takde.

      Biasalah Mak-Mak,kan suka pikir lebih2..alah budak2 lagipun,apelah sangat...hehe

    2. Oo...ok sudah faham..hehe

      Kecik lg...tak ingat punya...hehe

    3. hopefullylaaaaa......tapi, biasalah mak-mak ni instict kadang2 tak masuk akal.....hehehe